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16th November

Great news from Midland Counties Champ show, after our little Tessa made her debut. 1st place in Minor Puppy Bitch which qualified her for Crufts 2024. The judge gave her a glowing critique 🥳 

Great health results are back for Suki, hips 0:3; Elbows 0:0; LPN1,2, LPPN3 & Lemp Clear. All compliant with breeding recommendations for LCGB. (Non members)  

Just a little explanation for the post on our home page. Recently, this comment appeared on social media on a public forum. The author (breeder of our beloved late Leo's, Elsa & Ozzy), we believe, is regularly having a pop at us so we decided to treat it with the humour that it deserves. A very dear friend noted " If you are going to dig at reputable breeders, make sure everything you write does not leave you open to actually advertising that you are dim"


17th September

Time has gone so fast this year, it's hard to believe that already we are in autumn. At least the cooler weather suits our dogs much better.

This year, we have attended a couple of shows, as we do with our youngsters. There is no longer benching available at shows, although we never used the benches, preferring to have our dogs with us around the ring. So many dogs now are shut away in soft crates, horrible to see the Leonbergers only come out of the crate to go in to the ring.  Owners enjoying chatting away while the poor dogs lay bored to tears, not much fun at all for them. As I have written on one of the pages on this website, showing isn't always about the dogs and this year, seeing such lack of care and respect, just reaffirms my opinion.

We are back in to the holiday swing after pups, surgery and recuperation. Our dogs do love to get away and we treasure our quality time away with them.

Our waiting list for our next litter is filling up, only two places left, one male and one female.


30th May

Such a long time since our last news update, we have been kept busy with puppies for quite a while.

Very sadly we have recently lost our beautiful little Angel, AKA Coton Top, our Coton de Tulear. She had Mammory cancer which metastasised to her lungs in April, she was gone very suddenly but peacefully by my side where she had been for the last 11 1/2 years. The house isn't the same without her around our feet and dancing at every opportunity. We will miss her for a long time to come. Our first ever brush with cancer.

For our recent litter, thinking we were having a small litter and fed up of many years letting people down as we never had enough pups to go around, we stopped taking enquiries in  late January. What a nightmare of constant time wasters when we had two pups available. People who just weren't suitable to have a Leonberger and others who hadn't really made up their mind but got in touch anyway.  Not heard of in many years so we've never had to advertise our pups.

Never again; we will revert back to taking as many enquiries as possible and getting to know people well in advance of pups being available. This way has proved successful for us in the past although it seems not popular with some breeders who don't take a holding fee until pups are born. Unfortunately, this hasn't worked for us on this occasion.

Wishing all our pups a wonderful, healthy and long future in their new homes and thanks to everyone for coming to us for their new fur baby.We are looking forward to all the pupdates and watching them grow in to lovely adults 


14th February

At the end of January, in a freak accident at home, Neo broke his jaw. It was an emergency, with his top left canine sticking out at a 45° angle. Emergency vets (Saturday afternoon) glued and stitched it all back together but he lost the canine tooth. He has been seen each week by our vet and hopefully will be signed off next week. He still can't have his regular lamb bones but hopefully, he will be eating normal again very soon. They never cease to throw surprises at us. Such a worry as Neo is now over 8 years old.


28th January 2023

Happy New Year to all our visitors.

We have now been in breeding for 13 years so many of our early bred litters are reaching old age. Very sadly in the last couple of weeks, we have lost 3 further pups. Mac (Pagency Kimarl Ecuador) from Cornwall and brother to our late Dora, who  went to live with her brother Mac, has sadly passed away after going off his legs. He would have reached 10 years old in a few weeks. Wolfie (Pagency Kiszar Maurizio) age 9y 5m, also went off his legs over Christmas and lost his fight earlier this week. Only yesterday, Molly, (Pagency Zelba's Saphire) decided after 11y 5m, it was her time to reunite with her Mum & siblings. Molly was the last in a litter of 6 from our first Leonberger, Elsa. Our deepest sympathy to all their loving parents. Heartfelt thanks to all these incredible friends for loving our puppies and giving them wonderful homes, we couldn't have wished for better Mums and Dads.🙏 We praise their generosity in keeping us informed with photos and news throughout their lives. In pedigree dogs, especially a declining breed with  such a small gene pool, this is so important to us. We can look back at our litters and know if they were successful when we have health updates from owners. Those who don't provide updates are not helping our wonderful breed survive in the future. We kindly ask these very few people to bear this in mind when they cease contact. 


13th December

So very sad to announce that we have lost our gorgeous & fabulous Aslan on 1st December at 10y, 9m. (Pagency Gdynia Aslan) The last of our four oldies, the third loss this year, after his sister Tasha 10th Jan, Juju 11th April, the end of an era. Not forgetting also our puppy Tammy in May.

The most beautiful, loyal, loving, incredible Leonberger, the clown of the pack, memories we shall hold very dear for as long as we live. Words cannot express the sadness we feel. There will never be another Aslan 😢


28th November

🥳Happy Birthday to three of our litters who all have Birthdays this week 🎊

All puppies now settled in their new homes and Chief is over in Canada with his new family. Suki is our 21st Leonberger since 2006. Every single one special in their own way, all individuals with something different to bring to our family. We wish them happiness, good health & longevity 💛

It's the time of year when Kennel cough is doing the rounds. Usually, all new pups will catch this and their natural immunity will help them fight the infection. We don't have the nose drops from the vet, it's better to allow their immune system do what it's designed to do. Never antibiotics, the idea is to boost the natural immune system, not weaken it. In most cases when pups are exposed to this virus and recover naturally, they seem better equipped to fight further variants. Expect coughing and mucus for around 10 days. Keep them indoors so as not to spread to other animals. We treat with children's cough medicine in severe cases.

Another loss to report this month, Amadeus (Pagency Zelba's Amethyst) passed away at 11y, 2m due to old age. Sincere condolences to his devastated parents Vickie & Jonathan who had waited 10 years for their first Leonberger.

We won't be sending Christmas cards again this year, instead we have helped two individuals with the sum of £4100 from our recent litter. No charity donation due to this.


25th October

Something very interesting happened recently after having hips & elbows done, we have been doing these health tests since 2008. I rang The Hamptons Vets at Malpass, Cheshire, for a quote end of summer and was quoted £275 so I made the booking. On the day, very good service was received, the same as other years that we have used this vet practice. Alan was asked to pay £375. This figure did not include processing of the X-Rays. On querying why the figure had increased by £100. I was asked by the receptionist if I had a quote in writing, to which I responded, I had never asked for this in 14 years of doing hip & Elbow X-Rays. I had thought it was about trust? 

I was extremely disappointed by this and told her that I would make this public. Her reply was to be careful what I write as it's my word against theirs. After a bit of research, this vet is now owned by a large consortium. Just a note of caution that in future it might be wise to have a quote in writing if we aren't able to trust a telephone conversation. I find this a very sad situation.


21st September

Gonioscopy eye test - Several years ago, and before this eye test became mandatory for dogs in breeding,  we had good reason to question this test as giving inaccurate results. Only questioned after receiving advice from a top Ophthalmologist to re-test after a fail result on one of our girls. The re-test result was the opposite result of the first one. 

Over the years, we have seen several examples of different results with various Opthalmologists. It is known that due to these inaccuracies, one top specialist doesn't use the glass eye piece on Leonberger dogs, he uses a magnifying glass.

One such discrepancy recently came to light on recorded records of one of our puppies

How is it possible to have two very different scores for one eye  test? This makes the difference between breeding and not breeding with dogs.  It is a very serious discrepancy that is continually over looked. People with influence on health should be questioning why this is happening. Failure to investigate these flawed results just enhances the belief of disparagement.

22nd August

On July 12th, we were thrilled to have one of our breeding reach the grand old age of 12 years, Zeus (Pagency Kisfa Chico) He had a healthy life until the last few months when he underwent surgery but recovered very well to celebrate his Birthday in style with his family. Very sadly on August 16th, one month and four days later, he lost his fight and went to join all his siblings and parents over the rainbow. Zeus was the last one from a litter of 12 pups born 12.07.2010 to Siska & Faro from Belgium.  Eight from  the litter reached  10 years old. We are extremely proud of all of them, especially Zeus and his family. We had one puppy who suffered with eye issues during her lifetime but she lived a happy life to a good age of almost 9 years. No other pups were affected and all were in good health until much later in life. Thanks to  11 parents for keeping in touch with news and photos of them over the years. Without this, we have no way of knowing if certain lines have been successful. Only one owner, Lisa Green, a breeder from Norwich failed to stay in touch. We had a Christmas card returned several years ago but had no forwarding address. 


25th July

We are now well in to the summer of '22 and with the very hot weather recently it's been too hot for all  dogs in general. We have had an air-con unit for many years so don't have to worry about keeping them cool, it's much better than any other cooling method. You can pick up a good mobile unit for little money these days, £300-£500, if you have a Leonberger, it's a necessity and a great investment. Walking them early morning and then late evening is better than walking them during the day when it's too hot. There have been several cases reported of dogs with burned paws from being walked in the intense heat, there's no need to put them through this, just don't take them out.

I have seen a few Leo's with clipped coats this year, something that we have actually done ourselves with our late Ozzy, but unless it's for health reasons, it shouldn't be necessary. Any older dogs showing signs of Laryngeal polyneuropathy benefit greatly from a shaved coat. One of our pups from Zara recently had tie back surgery and Minnie is loving her new hairdo. She is so much better after surgery but at almost 9, it was a big worry for her parents. Keep them well groomed, remove all dead undercoat and this will help the air circulate so the double coat can do its job to keep them cool naturally.

Ozzy with his lion cut (health reasons)     & Minnie  (vet needs to stick to his day job) lol!

29th April 2022

Our hearts are well and truly broken with the loss of our gorgeous Juju (Pagency Zelba's Crown Jewel) 05.09.2011-11.04.22 - Age 10 years, 7 months.

Despite having arthritis and Laryngeal Polyneuropathy for some time, she was doing very well. We had planned to take her on holiday again in May but sadly on 10th April, she suddenly went off all her legs and deteriorated very quickly overnight. She was in a lot of pain and nothing could be done, she passed away on Monday 11th April. Our three old girlies are now together again running free. It's the end of an era for us and the end of that line.


16th March 2022

We have some very sad news of the recent loss of one our pups at just 15 months old. Ragnar (Pagency Neco's Guido) passed over the rainbow bridge on 4th March, after being diagnosed with Osteosarcoma just a few days before. It all happened very quickly, it is hard to comprehend why this dreadful disease should so cruelly take him at such a young age.  Our sincere condolences to his owner's who are devastated by this sudden loss. As breeders, it is soul destroying to lose them at any age, but this has to be one of the worst.


January 17th 2022

It is with great sadness to announce the loss of our gorgeous Tasha on 10th January (Pagency Gdynia Tasha) She was nearly ten years old.

One year after we lost her sister Hele.

Tasha was diagnosed with arthritis of the spine only the week before and she suddenly went off her back legs. We tried her on strong medication but within 7 days, she was in too much pain and couldn't stand up. We had to make the worst decision possible to let her go in peace. She enjoyed good health all her life and had two wonderful litters. Tash was always a bossy madam, keeping the youngsters in their place. Her best friend was always our little Coton Top, who is missing her dreadfully. She lives on in her beautiful pups.  From the three pups that we kept from Siska & Sweedy in 2012, we now only have Aslan left. Once again our hearts are broken.💔


December 30th

We are very pleased to say that the puppy we recently re-homed has settled wonderfully in her new home.

She was not bred by us but her Sire is from our breeding and was not authorised to be bred from. This youngster had been advertised online and created quite a stir on social media, so many people making harsh judgements without knowing the facts. Too many people had contacted this very unfortunate lady who was very upset to have no choice but to re-home her girl Dakota. Unfortunately, she was not given the support she needed, she was poorly judged and advised to just hand over her dog. A little compassion and understanding goes a long way. We were  prepared to help with a contribution and  her transport, as we have done in other re-homing situations over the years. Her new owner was more than happy to arrange collection herself. No relay's involved, from one home to another, stress free for this young girl. An acceptable financial payment agreed by all parties and she has a loving forever home. Quite simple, effective and a successful conclusion for all involved, especially Dakota.

Many years ago, the Dam of our own Balou was re-homed by her breeder/owner, at two years old due to behavioural issues. She went to another breeder for the price of £1000, the going rate for a puppy at that time. We are not alone in our belief that these young dogs should have a price attached!


November 30th

Happy Birthday to two of our litters today. Holly's pups are two years old and Coco pups are one year old.

We hope they all have a fabulous Birthday and many more. Mums and Dads, it's compulsory to spoil them 😜

We have decided to make our new litter page available only to our puppy owners and friends, all future news of our pups will be written there and not in a public capacity. Please message us for the password if you wish to access this news. Photos will remain private and should not be posted to social media.


October 25th

It is with great sadness to announce that over the last few weeks, we have lost three of our breeding who were all over 11 years of age. Jessie was the oldest at 11y, 6m. Kizzy 11y, 2m & also her brother Dennis. All lost to old age and all had a good and healthy life. Our sincere condolences to their owners.

Sadly today we have also been informed of the passing of Honey Bear (Pagency Tishno Honey Babe) at only 5 y, 4m to Osteosarcoma. So very sad at this young age and she was so loved by her Mum 💕


September 5th

Incredibly proud to get 3 of our Pagency Zelba's pups to 10 years of age today and all doing ok.

We are so proud of our own JuJu to reach such a grand age. She has had Laryngeal Polyneuropathy for 3 years but has been a slow progression. She has always been a happy girly and she  knows that she is the oldest here and has preferential treatment. She demands it and she deserves it lol!

Let's hope they are still all here to see another year 🤞Love to all our babies 🥰



September 1st 

It has come to our attention that a boy from our breeding, Pagency Noel's Olaf ( Hector)  who resides in Bootle, Liverpool, may have been used to Sire a litter of pups. Having had a very good relationship with his Polish owners for nearly five years, it is very disappointing to learn that he has been used without our permission and without any health testing as far as we know. His owners have denied that he is the Sire.

We would advise anyone not to purchase a puppy from non health tested parents. They cannot be KC registered as he has endorsements on his KC registration. We do not condone this type of breeding.

Our own health tested boys have only been used to produce full pedigree Leonbergers and to health tested females.


August 3rd

We have always carried out and supported health testing for breeding the Leonberger.

Many years ago, before the gonioscopy became mandatory, we had reason to re-test one of our girls on professional advice. We have since believed it to be a flawed test, although we have still followed protocol to test our dogs and had no problems ourselves since that experience.

Other breeders who have failed this test, have questioned this result and have gone on to have a pass for breeding. This is concerning, especially when the chief eye specialist uses a different method than other opthalmologists. We were also advised that temperature of a room can affect a result. It has been proven time and again that it is not a reliable test.

We have always carried out Hip & elbows scores as part of the code of ethics for breeding.

During 2020, advice was given to a breeder on social media by a member of the health committee, to breed a female who had high hip scores, based on Estimated Breeding Values. This means, based on the history of the ancestors, which all had  scores within the code of ethics for breeding. It was accepted by all parties that one breeding would go ahead and would not go against the code of ethics laid down by the LCGB.

This brings in to question, does it matter if a dog fails the hip or elbow scores? and if this is case, based on EBV, should we miss a generation of testing if we are going to ignore those scores of a high tested dog and breed them anyway? In the past, breeders have simply not bred from that dog.

It wasn't made clear if this advice was acceptable for all breeders but the advisor had used this get out of jail card in the past?


July 12th

Happy 11th Birthday wishes to the remaining 4 pups from Siska & Faro. Sadly we have lost four since they were 10 last year, they are from a litter of 12 born 12.07 2010. Have the most wonderful day 💕

We understand that our boy Neo has recently come under fire regarding the amount of pups that he has sired. This surprisingly from someone who was informing  me not so long ago about severe neglect & cruelty to dogs belonging to another breeder who had failed to get veterinary care for them. One having untreated cancer of the foot and unable to walk. That wasn't written about on facebook, it was hushed by several people in the breed who were involved at that time. As was the incident of the false eye certificate by another breeder, never to be mentioned again. It would seem that the amount of pups had by Neo is worse than the above situation to some people! Is is just coincidence that she has teamed up with our old enemy? as it appears she has decided to join the bully gang. Another turncoat. I don't understand why people who are in contact with you on a one to one basis, then go on to criticise you in front of an audience, behind your back?

  I will happily put the record straight. The figures quoted to people and on social media are incorrect, as 3 of his litters have not yet been recorded. For a Sire, it is not the amount of pups he has but the amount of pups who go in to the breeding pool. The figure for this is stated as 5% of the total number, so as only 3 of Neo's pups have gone in to breeding, one of which had only one litter and no pups went further into breeding, so this number is around 2%, way below the average. When criticising us to people, these facts also need to be given or it is a misrepresentation of information. Neo has two more litters to Sire and his total will be around 14 litters by then. What is incredible, is that many British born Sires have Sired many more litters than this over the years, one in particular sired 32 litters but has never been criticised on social media. It's not what breeders do or don't do, as it seems acceptable for some but not for others. Double standards?

Neo also sired 18 pups in one litter with Hele, he then went on to sire a further 10 pups with her, 28 pups in total to one female, not 18 as was stated on facebook.

This began in November last year when I criticised on this website about two LCGB breeders for advertising litters when they had no pups for sale. They did admit on a group that they were only advertising to show a lower price than others who had add's on a free site.  I clearly stated that they had written LCGB in their adds.This person is not a LCGB member as far as I know so it was clear that my comments had nothing to do with her. She did go on to falsely advertise though, after my update. 

Sadly, although some of the committee are prevalent commenters on facebook, not one condoned this behaviour.

Having 4 litters in a one year period is far more financially rewarding than 1 or 2 litters, even if there is a price difference in puppies. Can anyone do basic Maths?

Also, do not ever again give my contact details to any other insurance company to get yourself a £50 recommendation bonus, as happened last year by this expedient person

For the last 11 years since we started breeding and stepped away from two people in the breed and a hanger on, who we felt we needed to be free of; it has been the most hostile and mentally challenging environment to be in. Every single incident and comment we can trace back to this origin. One person calling the other dangerous, one wanting the RSPCA involved for cruelty, advising us to have nothing to do with one of them and calling another a puppy farmer. A supposed best friend calling the other a compulsive liar. This wasn't good company to be around, we had to remove ourselves from that toxic situation. We have tried  our best to keep away and do our own thing but still people join in on the hate bandwagon, even when they know the real situation. The court case that I was put through 10 years ago, following threats and lies in sworn statements, simply wasn't enough for some. We have no alternative but to defend our corner with the truth.


June 11th

Happy 2nd Birthday to all our pups from Nikita & Finnley, Kita's only litter. Hope all our babies have a fabulous time 🥰

Very concerning is this news regarding the huge consortium of vet practices around the country who's sole emphasis is on profit. Key words; State of the art facilities! Pet owners need to be more aware and not as trusting as they have been with smaller family owned practices. Definitely worth a read.

These vets at the start of their career, have sworn on oath that everything they do will be in the best interests of the animals. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case.

Very sad to learn that the TV programme The Yorkshire Vet is now owned by one of these giants.


May 14th

Very sadly on 8th April, Leah (Pagency Kisfa Jamelia) passed away at 10y 9m. She had been very healthy up until the beginning of the year when she developed cancer. Our sincere condolences to David & Lynn and our thanks for keeping in touch with regular updates and photos of Leah over all these years. 12.07.2010 - 08.04.2021.

New puppies from one of our girls who lives in Wales with her family. More info here

Peaches is fully owned by Katrina & Paul, we are just helping them as they begin their new journey in the world of Leos and wish them all the very best. 🥰 

March 31st

A huge Happy Birthday today to Jessie, who  we think is the last remaining puppy from our first litter between Elsa (Vectiseleon Mandisa At Pagency & French Champion Voule Du Clos des Gres.

Our sincere thanks to Karl & Debs who have lovingly cared for her all these years and remained good friends, keeping us up to date with photos and news of Jessie. We are very proud of all of them.

🌸With our fondest love all the way to the South Coast to this special lady 🌸

March 6th

Today on the 7th Birthday of our Kiki & Maarlo litter, we hear of the sad and sudden loss of Simba, from our Siska & Sweedy litter. He would have been 9 years old in two days time. Also in February, Chevy, from Jersey, who would have reached 7 today, has also passed away suddenly, possibly to a stroke.

Our sincere condolences to their loving families and our many thanks for giving these fabulous boys such wonderful homes. If only this breed could live longer with us.

A recent online debate concluded that despite increased health testing in Leonbergers in recent years, Leos are not living any longer. The testing has not made our Leos healthier. On the contrary, we are in a much worse position than we were then. Some very good Breeders have ceased to breed, some with longevity, dogs living  10-13 years of age.

Over the last 10 years, we have lost a substantial amount of dogs from the gene pool to eradicate diseases that don't actually kill our dogs. The result is far more younger dogs dying from cancer in general.

Of the 8 dogs that we have lost, none have been from cancer and we have lost only a few of our breeding to this devastating disease.

We followed the advice from the expert geneticists and didn't remove lpn1 D/N dogs from our breeding in 2010 and the following years.  From our first litter, unknowingly mating two D/N dogs, Most of the litter had an average life span, only one lost to cancer at 5 years. The D/D affected 3 pups lived to 8, 9 and over 10 years old. 2 will be 11 years this month.  So have the tests been a complete waste of time and money?

It is the clubs arounds the world who are continually looking at new tests, are they really doing this for the betterment of the breed or it's demise? 

Recently looking at pedigrees of planned litters around Europe and Russia, it has been very disappointing to find nothing that would benefit our breed in the UK today. Every litter is from the same group of dogs that we have been using for many years. The future of this lovely breed is in jeopardy without a doubt!


February 19th 2021

Our 2020 litters from Coco & Holly have all now settled in to their new homes. It's been a long 11 weeks with pups here, and difficult with such bad weather conditions. It was well  worth the effort to see happy owners with their new additions over the last few weeks. We hope they all have long and healthy lives. We have done our very best from a breeding point of view and we can only hope that our imported dogs will make a difference to health in the future 🤞

When puppies leave us, we dread that first visit to the vet, who somehow become promoted to God status at the mere mention of what a breeder has advised. Raw food, will rarely be recommended as they cannot stack it on their shelves and sell at an extortionate price. If we thought it was dangerous to our dogs, we wouldn't have been feeding it for the last 15 years and we wouldn't be recommending our puppy owners to feed it. We have done the first vaccination, all that is now required is a second vaccination at 10 weeks old. Not a third at 12 weeks or 4th at 15 weeks, or kennel cough drops, or flea treatment. This is definitely not necessary and not all vets are recommending this. All these chemicals are poisons that are being put in to a young and fragile puppy, there is more chance of damaging their immune system than anything else. There is no proven scientific evidence that suggests this is absolutely necessary. Many vets are business people first!

Garlic is much better than chemical flea treatment.

See info here


December 9th

Our lovely Hele didn't recover from the stroke and passed away peacefully on 7th December. Daughter of the late Siska & Sweedy.

There at her birth and with her until her last breath as she slipped away with a little help. What a huge hole she has left in our lives and we will miss her forever.

Below is a photo taken on holiday in August, the three fluffy bums are Hele, Monster & Zara, half siblings. All have sadly now passed away in such a short time. These fur babies are not with us long enough but we treasure every moment that we share with them. What an honour it has been!










December 4th

On 3rd December, Monster (Pagency Kisfa Enrique) from our Siska & Faro litter, lost his  fight with bowel cancer at the great age of 10 years & 5 months old. He had been diagnosed with DCM in January but this was under control and he was still able to lead an active life. To see him trotting around the large lawn, it was hard to believe he had anything wrong with him at all. After a spell of not eating during August, he was diagnosed with cancer in the small intestine. He carried on as normal until the very last minute, still speaking his toys, such a happy boy. 

There is only one word to describe Monster: Incredible! His character, energy, demeanour and his stunning good looks, without a spec of grey on his gorgeous muzzle. He was the most lovable and fun, but stubborn Leo ever born and he was a credit to our lovely breed. So pleased to have met him on a few occasions and got to know him quite well. Beautiful inside and out.

This boy has lived like a King and he knew he had everyone wrapped around his paw. He's had the best life ever and we send our love and heartfelt condolences to his owners at this very sad time. RIP our very special and unforgettable Monster💕


December 3rd

Our gorgeous Helebobs was taken poorly very suddenly last week, she was diagnosed with Vestibular Syndrome (brain inflammation) and it seems she may also have had a stroke. We thought we were losing her after not eating for seven days, but since being put on strong medication, she has improved greatly. To see her walking about again and interested in life and food is just amazing. She's still wobbly but at least she can get about now. We dread losing our fur babies, especially when they get older. At 8.8, Hele has never been ill, likewise, her siblings here have remained in good health too. Although Hele won't fully recover, she can have some quality of life if the meds continue to help her.

Our Coco & Neo pups arrived on 30th November, we have 11 little puddings who seem to be thriving to date.


November 2nd

Coco is finally expecting puppies around early December

This litter is fully booked.


26th October

We have had a very anxious time lately with illness, ops and waiting for pups, only to be disappointed with Megi but alas, we might have some more positive puppy news very soon. It's all looking good!

  Covid-19 cases seem to be increasing daily, lets hope we don't all go in to lockdown again over the next few months. We are still managing to have a few short holidays with our gang but for how much longer we don't know?

In August, we omitted to write about the loss of one of our pups from Kiki & Maarlo. (Pagency Kimarl Marchena) Aslan, sadly passed away suddenly in his sleep aged just six years. Our sincere condolences to his loving family.

Around the same time, his sister Kiara was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma and had a front leg amputation. She has recovered well and is responding to chemotherapy. This is the first time we have experienced this in our breeding, we can only hope that Kiara is given some extra time with her family and has a reasonable quality of life. Lots of love and good wishes for this lovely young girly 💕


23rd September

Dreadful news to report that on 9th September, Beau, Pagency Kisfa Rhianna, (Siska & Faro Van Het Wallenhof) went over the rainbow bridge after a short illness. She was 10 years old. We have been honoured to see Beau several times over the years and she really was a credit to the breed. Our sincere condolences to Ann and Frank and our thanks for loving this beautiful girl for all her life. 

Very unexpected on 15th September, our own Zara, (Siska & Khaimas' Saturday Ducky) went to sleep and didn't wake up, she went with her paws crossed and peaceful. We had recently credited her with saving her brother Wolfie who she stayed with after losing their brother Beastie. Never in a million years could we have imagined that we would lose her too, she had just turned seven years old. Another one of our fur babies who will be missed every day.


5th September

We have had plenty of Birthdays to celebrate of late and none more rewarding than the 9th Birthday today of our JuJu and her siblings. Last year we thought would be her last one as she developed Laryngeal Polyneuropathy last summer. It was not bad enough for surgery and it has not progressed significantly over the year. She is doing really well, enjoying life and her walks, happy to toddle around with the gang and then laze about like a queen on her bed. Here's to another year for these oldies 🥂

Last month it was an honour to stay with Monster & Wolfie at their home in Bristol. Great to see the boys with our girls who tagged along too. Monster is the most stubborn Leo ever, but at 10 years old, he's earned the right to that behaviour, he definitely has everyone wrapped around his huge paws 🐾 😂


10th August

Yet another loss on 26th July, Aurora from our Siska & Faro litter passed away peacefully in her sleep. She had turned 10 years old on 12th July, a great age and she had a lovely life living in the countryside with her family and sibling Pandora, who passed away last year aged 9. Our heartfelt condolences to her loving family and our thanks for giving these two lovely girls a wonderful home.

The saddest part of owning a Leonberger is saying goodbye, they certainly take a piece of your heart with them.


18th July

The call we breeders always dread is to hear of the loss of one of our beloved puppies.

Yesterday 17th July came the call from our dear friends Vickie & Johnathon, to say that tragically, they had lost their gorgeous boy Bentley to Gastric Torsion. He was let out at 6am for his morning stroll in the garden with his brother Amadeus, he seemed fine, no need for any concern. He went to lay down as normal and when checked at 7am he had already passed away. The vet later confirmed the cause.

Bentley was very much like his Dad Zaraki, Khaimas' Saturday Ducky, a Sire we fell in love with in Milan Italy in 2013. Just four weeks ago we lost his brother Beastie, two fluke deaths in such a short time, so heart breaking. They would have been 7 years old on 18th August.

Words cannot express our sadness and sorrow for Vickie & Johnathan. Our sincere thanks for giving this wonderful boy the love and care that he had. He will  be in our hearts forever. As we always say, cherish every moment with our fur bears, they are never with us long enough 💕🐾



15th August

It is with great sadness that we hear today that our beloved Sweedy in Poland has passed away at home with his family following a short illness. He was seven years old. It is an honour to have his children here in England after we travelled to Poland in 2012 to use Sweedy at Stud with our late Siska.  We will never forget that first sight of him as he strolled down the steps to greet us, a wonderful and emotional moment to finally see such a magnificent boy in the flesh, after admiring him from his photos. He had to be seen to appreciate just how stunning he was and with an amazing character to match.  We will always treasure those memories of the time that we shared with him and his family and Sweedy  will live on here in his children and grandchildren.   We know that Christina and Bronek are devastated at his loss, and we send our sincere condolences to them at this very sad time.

RIP Knockando's Swedish Roussillon (Sweedy)



26th July

Our Tasha & Neo puppies arrived on 30th June, this is our 7th litter and we are calling it our Tishno litter.

3 boys & 5 girls arrived safely and now at 3 weeks old, they are all doing very well, Tasha has adapted to motherhood with ease. She is not as eager to feed them now they have sharp little teeth but she manages to give them a nice warm drink after their minced beef or porridge.

Puppies will soon be having Gentle food alongside the raw and our sincere thanks to Beate Rothon for providing us with super puppy packs once again.

This is the only dried food that we would recommend for our puppies, this food is far superior to any that we have  used in the past, even the top brands.  The risk of bloat common in deep chested breeds is greatly reduced due to the cold pressed process of manufacture. It does not swell in the dog's stomach. It has a high quality protein with more meat content than most other foods. and we believe this does not contain animal by products or other dead animals as most other foods do.

4 week photos will be done on Thursday so don't miss our next update.


3rd May

Finally our puppy adventure is under way, Tasha has been mated to Neo. We now await the scan to confirm if we have puppies. We now wait for news of Hele.


19th February


In 2015,  after our 13th Leonberger, and against all our principles, we had to make what for us, was an extremely difficult decision to re-home one of our lovely girls.  Our home bred Dora, daughter of Kiki, suddenly began to dislike a couple of our  other girls, Julz in particular who has never been in our breeding programme. We had quite a tense year, having always had a close pack who have always lived together with ease. Having witnessed other breeders having to house different groups of  dogs who couldn't get along with each other, we always said that seperate groups were not an option for us. They have to live together here.

The tension increased to the point that Dora was unhappy and poor Julz was terrified of her. For the first time in nine years, there was no choice but to separate Dora who loved to be with her Mum and the boys and not the other girls. She was perfect to take out, she displayed no problems whatsoever, it was only with certain other girls at home. After much deliberation, we took her to stay in Cornwall with her brother Mac, to see how she would behave there in different situations. Dora was perfect, she settled very quickly and so we agreed to leave her there  for a trial period. It has been a heart breaking decision to make, but we are very happy and confident to make this a permanent arrangement, and we know that this was the best thing  we could have done for Dora. Seeing her so at ease and happy in her new home is  wonderful and we thank Emma and Roy so much for giving her a very loving home where she is adored by them all. Sadly Dora is no longer in our breeding plans; but it is far more rewarding knowing that she now has the most wonderful future ahead of her and in the most beautiful part of the country, with daily beach walks with her brother Mac, who also loves his new buddy. Dora has  been gifted to two wonderful, loving people who we know will love her forever and will also bring her home to see us every year, we wish them all the very best for the future and give our sincere thanks.




 30th January2016


     We would like to wish our visitors a very Happy New Year 2016.


Very sadly, we begin the year with news that on 15th January and following a short illness, Elsa passed away peacefully and naturally at home with her two daughters by her side. The very night before, Neva had slept nose to nose with her Mum as if she sensed that she was leaving us.  Elsa was just amazing, everyone loved her and she did so much work helping others in the comunity through her Pet's As Therapy work which she had done for many years.  We have not bred from her children so this line has stopped here, but she does have Grandchildren around the country who I hope will carry on those superb lines.

We were truly blessed with Elsa in 2006, she was our very first Leonberger and we  had our first litter with her. We have always had an open door policy here and Elsa was always the first to welcome every dog in to our home, those who came with their own bed soon found Elsa scrunched up and asleep in it, she didn't care who's bed she stole or how small it was. She was so funny with such a unique character, although she was very laid back in her approach, she ruled our pack with just her eyes, one look from her was all that was needed.  She has left a huge feeling of emptiness here, just like Siska and Ozzy did when they left for the rainbow bridge. We will always miss her and treasure the wonderful memories that she gave us. Elsa had the most superb and loving temperament, we could not have wished for better, she was a true credit to the breed in every way and we are so very proud of her and honored to have had her in our lives.

Vectiseleon Mandisa At Pagency

24.08.2006 - 15.01.2016





















27th November

Once again we have had to cancel our plans to have a litter this year. Very sadly, Elsa has been diagnosed with chronic renal failure and there is nothing that can be done for her. We now need to keep her comfortable at home and dedicate our time and energy for as long as it takes. Elsa has always enjoyed good health until recently, and when she turned nine years in August, we really thought she would make it to ten years. We apologise to everyone  waiting for a puppy and we hope to continue with our plans next summer.



25th October

Neo managed a 3rd at Midland Counties Champ Show under Breed Specialist Julia Strudwick.



Our lovely Dora is still enjoying her holiday in Cornwall with her brother Mac. Thank you to Emma & Roy for helping us out and we are loving the many beach photos of them both having a wonderful time.



14th October 2015

We are very sad to announce that we have lost our lovely Siska during the summer, she passed away at home in our arms very suddenly . We feel her loss every day; never again will we be blessed with a dog so beautiful and perfect in every way.  We treasure our wonderful memories of her and are so thankful to have had such an amazing girl as the foundation of our future breeding. We could not have wished for a better dog  and we see her many great qualities passed on to  her children and grandchildren; she will live on in them.


There is now a blog written  which is long overdue, it will be updated regularly as more information is added. It will cover thirty years from 1984-2015.


8th September
We have finally got back our old domain which has now been attached to this site.
New photos are being added on our litters page to each individual Sire, just click on the picture. This is work in progress and may take a few more weeks to complete.  We would love an update of photos of puppies from our previous litters to add to our gallery!  We have been fortunate to get regular updates for most of them for which we are very grateful.  Please send them by email to
18th July
Happy 2nd Birthday to all our puppies from Siska & Zaraki
we send good wishes to all of them today and hope that they will be spoiled by their human servants.
New photo of Amadeous & Bentley  who we recently visited in Wales.
12th July
Happy Birthday to all our puppies from Kiki & Faro who are five year's old today.
We are very sorry to have to dissappoint our prospective puppy owners  due to the lack of puppies, some of whom have been waiting for quite a while. We have  another litter planned for later in the year for those who wish to stay on our list.
8th June 2015
After a very hectic week of sharing news, views and emails, we can finally get back to more important news and on our new website. We will only share news of our home bred dogs while our oldies retire at home behind the scenes.
It is hoped that a point has been made and any future untrue stories about us will be made public in the same way as before. A change in web domain has been on the cards for some time as we were very unhappy with our old site, Breederoo was much too expensive.
This weekend we were in Cornwall to see two of our puppies from previous litters, Kobi & Mac who both looked superb boys Balou and Angel came with us and a great weekend was had by all.
Hele has been confirmed in pup and  is due to have her babies around early July.

Balou & Kobi Cornwall 2015

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