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Coco & Sultan Litter 20

Our  litter is here by natural birth on 19th- 20th March  2024

10 pups born, 2 stillborn and 1 sadly passed.

We have seven live puppies.

1st - 10.38am - Male - Machk - Purple collar

2nd - 12.02pm - Female - Raven- Pink collar

3rd - 2.12pm - Female - Bonnie - Orange collar

4th - 2.45am - Female - Rainbow collar

5th - 4.20am - Female - Pink collar- Passed

6th - 5.22am - Female - Heidi- Mermaid collar

7th - 2.00pm - Male - Turquoise collar

8th - 7.45pm - Male stillborn

9.45pm - Female - Red collar

11.45 - Male stillborn


28th March

What a week it has been with these gorgeous but fragile pups. Mum Coco developed kennel cough on the morning she went in to labour and so the work began. Within a couple of days, she was on antibiotics along with one of the pups and gradually she improved. One by one, the pups began to develop the snivels but were not poorly and continued to feed and gain weight. 5 out of 7 are now on antibiotics just to be on the safe side. Today they are all crawling around the whelping box eager to get to the milk bar. It's such a relief to get that first week over with and move on to the next week with a bit more confidence. Phew! a bit of a rough ride for sure.

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