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Holly & Finnley litter

22nd December 2020

Pagency Neol's Vianoce & Jantonely Private Finn

3.32pm 600g  Pagency Finholly Flame

8.07pm 530g Pagency Finholly Valentia

On this occasion, Holly only had two little girls, which happened to be a blessing as we already had 11 pups from Coco as well. This was her second litter. We have always only had one or  two litters with our homebred girls, but we will hopefully have a third litter with Holly due to her only having two puppies this time.

These pups were an absolute pleasure to have from day one, so good and not a bit of trouble, we hardly knew they were here. Holly looked after them day and night, right up to seven weeks old. From Day 3, she had them with her in the bedroom and they would all come up to the lounge during the day. She was happy to share them with our other dogs and cats who were around them the whole time.

We seemed to sail through the eight weeks without any problems, it really was the perfect litter for all of us, a total delight.

The twinnies have now settled very well in to their new homes, we wish them well for the future and they leave us with lifetime support as always.

Holly 4.JPG
Holly litter 16.jpeg
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