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Meghan & Sultan Litter 17
Both parents are Polish imports and are fully health tested

HC eye test both Clear
Gonioscopy Eye test Pass
Hip & Elbow scores excellent
LPN 1,2,  & Lemp clear by parentage
Megi is clear by parentage for LPN3
Pedigree of Sultan            Pedigree of Meghan

Trial Pedigree of Puppies

Sultan 2 1_2_edited.jpg
Meg 17_edited.jpg

All Kennel Club names  are now Approved by  the KC

1. Pink Female     - 11.46am - 550g - KC name Pagency Megsul Miracle 

2. Purple Female  - 12.16pm - 500g - KC name Pagency Megsul Ariya 

3. Candy Female  -   1.21pm - 520g - KC name Pagency Megsul Candy 

4. Smurf Male      -   1.46pm - 470g - KC name Pagency Megsul Bodhi 

5. Yellow Female  -   3.16pm - 610g - KC name Pagency Megsul Billie 

6. Xmas Female    -   3.42pm - 620g - KC name Pagency Megsul Roxy 

Screenshot 2022-01-24 at 16.18.33.png
Screenshot 2021-12-26 at 14.07.12.png

Puppies finally here on Sunday 28th November and after a fairly easy labour and delivery, Megi has done a fabulous job and is very content with her babies. All arrived naturally within 5 hours. A small litter of only six but much better for Megi to manage and us too lol!

29th November

Most surprising is that on day one, they have all gained between 50-80g and are looking considerably bigger and very healthy. We have no weaklings in this litter. They usually lose weight or gain 10-20g so these are thriving. Onwards and upwards, hopefully they will have a good first week.

30th November

They are gaining weight like no other litter we have had, so much that I have shared the daily weight graph above.

1st December

Oh heck, it's that month when something called Christmas happens  for everyone but us lol! 🎄

These pups are doing incredibly well and so is Megi, a small litter thrives better than a big one, we don't see these big weight increases in these early days with a big litter. The weights of these pups today is what we would expect for 7 days old in a usual litter. so very pleased with their progress so far 🤞

2nd December

Pups will be 8 weeks old on Sunday 23rd January 2022. This is the UK legal timescale that we are obliged to follow. We would appreciate if pups can all be in their new homes by Sunday 30th January. Choose a convenient date during this week  and let me know as we only let 2 pups leave on any one day, due to the effect it has on their Mum when they go.

As soon as I have the names of the last two pups from their new parents, I will register the litter with the KC. I will do this early as I know they have a backlog of registrations. This way, I should receive the correct documents by the time the pups leave.

For the first time ever, I am sharing all the health certificates of Mum & Dad on our site. As this page is now private, it means that I can add things containing our address, personal & private information. You can download them for your information but please do not share. Please note that on Megi's eye certificate, they have incorrectly named her Maggie, they must have miss-heard me lol!

3rd December - Day 5

We have reached the Kilo mark 🥳 Billie & Roxy are officially gannets 😂 but the others will no doubt catch up very quickly. I have also uploaded all the files that we usually put in our puppy pack, click on General Puppy Info below.  Last week we had super fast broadband installed underground to the bungalow. We have waited 15 years for this from Open Reach so we are absolutely thrilled. Going from 1.5mb to 150mb is like winning the lottery. It means I can add files and videos which weren't possible before.

4th December - Day 6

We've had great weight increases every day and now all but one pup is over 1kg. It's usually during the 2nd week that we reach this weight so very pleased with their progress. 

5th December - 1 week old

This week has flown by, what an easy week we've had with only six pups. Some strange weights today so tonight, the two who only gained 10g will be suckling all night and the big gainers will be off the best teats. It's nothing of concern as these pups are all 400-500g over the usual weight for this age. We'll get some odd weights now, the main thing is no weight loss.

6th December - Day 8

Every puppy is now 1kg or over. It can sometimes take two weeks to get all pups to this weight so they are all in front and doing fabulous.

11th December - Day 13

Almost two weeks old and it's flown. Pups are doing fabulous, gaining weight and thriving. Eyes are starting to open, we can just see tiny little sparkles peeping through. I'll try to pick them up in individual pics tomorrow. Photos tonight outside the box with Aslan lying next to Megi, just at a safe distance lol!

13th Dec - Day 15

The average weight for pups at this stage is 1500g so you can see we are well on target. Eyes are open but it's so difficult to catch in photos due to the lack of light. Today they will be wormed and minced beef will be introduced in the next few days, then you'll see the weight pile on. A great 2 week start for these babies.

19th Dec - 3 weeks old

Just look at the difference this week, they are proper little puppies and great weights too. Photos so difficult to get them all sitting and with eyes open but we did it. They are now having minced beef and it's filling them up so sleeping longer. At 7 weeks they will have their first vaccination of Nobivac with Lepto 2. Please check your vet has this vaccine to continue the course at 10 weeks old. They cannot have Lepto 4. Read the  link for the reason why Lepto 4 is dangerous. If my vet cannot get Lepto 2 for me then they will have no Lepto at all. The danger of the vaccine far outweigh's the virus Leptosperosis itself.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas 🎄🤶

26th Dec - 4 weeks old

You'll see a huge difference this week as pups have grown so much since last week, the minced beef and chicken is going down tremendously well lol! They all slept for 9 hours last night and so did Megi beside my bed, it's filling those tubby little tummies. They only need Mum for a drink now although we have introduced Lamlac milk this weekend so they can drink on demand. Hope you enjoy the Christmas collage we have done today, all sitting on my desk for the photo shoot lol!

Today I have added the trial pedigree of puppies from the World Wide Leonberger Database

2nd January - 5 weeks old

Happy New Year to everyone, the first photos of 2022 are here and what wonderful puppies we have this week. The difference in just a few days is incredible, they have all gained around 1.4kg. Chicken mince, beef mince and scrambled eggs are all going down a treat and they are drinking Lamlac milk on tap. Megi hardly has any milk now so we can only have one puppy suckling on her, they are just too big now. This next week she will dry up completely. It's like a punishment to put her in with pups now, she cries just at the sight of them all lol! These pups are all very similar in type and size, there isn't much between them at all, lovely little chunky's but still have some growing to do over the next three weeks.

9th January - 6 weeks old

Time is going so quickly now and pups are growing very well. They are now a handful, they make such a row and what a mess we have in the morning. At least they are sleeping all night  10.00pm - 6.00am. We seem to be feeding constantly, giving them a varied diet and adding different tastes and treats for them. The heads on these pups are fabulous, they are all very typey, more like Dad than Mum, stocky in bone too. All names have now been approved by the KC and I have their registration numbers, just waiting for the paperwork. They will be booked in for their vet check, microchip & first vaccination on Friday, their first trip out. Not long and they will be with you all and having fun, get ready folks, you're going to wonder what hit you 😂

17th January - 7 weeks old

The vet check went very well on Friday, all in very good health as you saw on the videos, which is the vet was very pleased with them all. I'm still waiting for the written report which you will receive. All pups are now microchipped. They will be introduced to tinned sardines this week, which will me mixed with scrambled egg to start with, kibble added once they get used to them.

I hope everyone is counting sleeps now, these pups are more than ready to be in their new homes, it's very hard work to keep them entertained at this stage. Hope you enjoy our last photos today, their eight week pics will be when they are with you. Alan and I are very much looking forward to seeing everyone next weekend🌷

22nd January - 8 weeks old

Pups have started to leave us today. I have uploaded the vet report from last Friday and also the diet sheet. If you click on general puppy info, you will find them both there along with all other information.

Our very best wishes go with them, we wish them a long, healthy & happy life in their new homes 💕🐾

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