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This comment by an ex-Leonberger breeder, appeared on a public Leonberger forum on social media in early November 2023.  Spot the spelling mistake, poor grammar and punctuation.

If we believe something spiteful is written about us, we have the right to respond on our website. We write nothing spurious, just defend what  is being said.

We carry out all recommended health tests by the Leonberger Club of Great Britain.  This  can be proven with health certificates. These comments suggest otherwise and are completely untrue and damaging to us as breeders. 

Most Leonberger breeders are not members of this club. It does not mean that they do not uphold the health standards for breeding.


This is our ex dog trainer who joined in on the hate campaign with the above.  I haven't previously responded to Wendy's nasty comments and bad language used against us. We didn't part on good terms after expressing to Wendy that she had robbed us, taking so long to get Elsa through her Gold award Good Citizen. We had spent over £1000 

You have to be so careful what you say about others when you are aren't so perfect yourself. It might just bite you on the bum!

As the saying goes, nothing brings people together more than a common enemy.

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