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Considering a Leonberger Puppy?
Leonbergers are not for everyone, they are not a good breed to be left alone for long periods and they do require a great deal of grooming to keep their coats matt free.

Early training is a must and this should be enforced by the whole family giving the same commands to maintain consistency.
All you need is a normal lead and collar. If the correct training is done, there is no need for a harness or head collar. Teach the puppy to walk at your side without pulling. A good trainer will be beneficial.

We give lots of information in our puppy pack on how to introduce a new puppy in to your home for the first time after leaving his Mum and Litter.
Toilet training begins around 4 weeks old while still in the litter. By 7 weeks old, puppies are going outside to toilet and this must be carried on when in the home. It's constant on the hour every hour, after food, play and sleep. Leonberger puppies are easy to house train.
Chewing is inevitable, keep valuables out of reach, mobiles and TV remotes are the absolute best toys to  destroy.  This is normal puppy behaviour, you soon learn to change your habit of leaving  valuable possessions around the house.
They also go through a teething period which can prove costly in some cases.  Don't be fooled by that cute little expression, he will do his best to test how far he can go in your household, your pack. They are your rules and he needs  the boundaries to be set very early on.
Leonbergers love water, they will always dig in their water bowl, it's such great fun, you may need to fill this up several times a day . They will check you out through the patio doors and drip water from their mouths all down your just cleaned windows!
They also love to dig big holes in your lawn and then bring all the dirt in to the house on their sludgy paws, they are having the most fabulous time.
When he is back in the house and you are cooking lunch for the family, do not leave  food unattended for one minute, your young growing Leo will spot  your mistake in an instant,  he will jump up to steal food without hesitation!  Many meals will need to be rearranged until you learn that you cannot leave food unattended whilst there are beady eyes watching your every move.
Moulting happens  twice a year and each moult last six months.  Dog hair from these constantly shedding breeds is a permanent feature in our homes, we spend hours grooming and still the hair keeps coming out, we sweep and mop several times every day.

                 Do I moult?    Not half!!!

Vectiseleon at Pagency Leos

So you may be considering sharing your life with one of these beautiful cuddly bears, maybe we should point out some important factors to help make up your mind. There is no doubt that having a dog enriches our lives in many ways, but first of all they are not going to stay like a cute little teddy bear, they will grow very quickly in to a very large 60- 80 kg dog and there will be lots of hard work and commitment involved. They don't come pre programmed as gentle giants, you may have seen adult Leonbergers who are well behaved and gentle, there has been a great deal of training, dedication and patience by the owner to get to this stage. Their good temperament is what they are born with, their character is what you make of them.

* This is a giant breed dog, food bills are high, we recommend high quality food, you can't do a Leo on a tight budget!


* Insurance is a must and it is not cheap. Vet bills can be very high should anything go wrong!


* Grooming must be undertaken at least once a week and more when in moult!


* Doggy sitters/walkers are a good idea for working people, Leo's are not home alone dogs!


* Consider if your house, garden & car is big enough for one of these dogs!


* Puppy/Training school is highly recommended. A 60+ kg Leonberger out of control through lack of training and socialisation is not an option!


* This is a forever dog, if you cannot give him forever, then he is not your dog!


If on the other hand you think this is the breed for you, then we promise you this; your hard work and effort will be rewarded a thousand fold if you have the patience and resolve required to bring up one of these beautiful dogs. You will have his devoted and unconditional love for as long as his heart beats, just don't expect an easy ride.


                                                                                                                         Leos Love Children




                  Please be warned, one is never enough!!!

Pagency Leonbergers UK
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