Precious memories of those we have
loved and lost 🧡🌈

In loving memory of our Tishy Tashy, sister of Hele. A true character never to be forgotten. Loved always 💕 Almost 10.

Pagency Gdynia Tasha 

Our darling Helebobs, gone from our lives but will always be in our hearts, until we meet again 💕Almost 9.
Pagency Gdynia Helen

Our gorgeous Zara,so gentle and special throughout her life and so very sadly missed 💕 7 years old


Bavaruki Just a Hullabalou
Balou 10 years old
Treasured memories of our precious boy who was never in breeding but a much loved member of our family

Balou in Memory.jpg

Pagency Kisfa Kiki - 8 years old
No longer in our lives but in our hearts forever


Pagency Primera Nevara  Almost 7 years old 31.03.10-10.02.17

Loved with  all our hearts

Vectiseleon Mandisa At Pagency - 9.5 years 24.08.06- 15.01.16

Bavaruki High Jinxs At Pagency -  7.2 years 04.05.2008-20.07.15
Benny Boo - 15 years - Smooth Collie
Vectiselion Ozzykizzy At Pagency -  5.2 years 31.07.2007-19.09.12.    
Ozzy had some form of LPN see video here
It was never accepted by some that our gorgeous boy had any issues, so we produced this video to prove that he did. It's very sad!
Ozzy was never used in breeding, we were told that breeding restrictions wouldn't be lifted due to his sister having Anal Furunculosis, an auto immune disorder. However, another sister was bred from and breeding from this litter continues today by those breeders. This form of lpn hasn't yet been identified!