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Meg & Sultan Litter March 21st 2023 Litter 19

Our 2nd Pagency Megsul Litter has arrived today

5 Males & 6 Females

COI 4.45% 10 Gen -  30.55% All gen


1st -  2.34am - Female - 480g - Pagency Megsul Tessa

2nd -  3.00am - Male - 520g - Pagency Megsul Bear 

3rd - 3.26am - Female - 470g - Pagency Megsul Daenarys 

4th - 4.00am - Female - Pagency Megsul Shelley

5th - 4.43am - Male - 550g  - Blue collar - Passed 23.03.23

6th -5.28am - Female - 530g - Pagency Megsul River

7th - 6.50am - Female - 560g - Pagency Megsul Mable

8th - 7.33am- Female - 480g - Pagency Megsul Bronte 

9th - 9.55am - Male - Pagency Megsul Percy

10th - 11.24am - Male - 560g - Pagency Megsul Teddy 

11th - 1.15am - Male - 460g - Pagency Megsul Barney 

12th - 8.28pm - Female sadly born asleep




What an incredible surprise today to have all these amazing puppies born on Alan's Birthday and our wedding Anniversary. Our amazing Megi had been scanned for seven pups so we didn't expect to have so many or any available. We had stopped taking any enquires to save anyone being disappointed, as they have in the past.

All pups are doing well, feeding great and Meg is having a well earned rest.

23rd March - Very sadly last night, little blue collar puppy passed away. RIP little baby.

28th March -  One week old today. Pups have grown considerably this week, all are doing very well. Meg is a wonderful Mummy, she takes it all in her stride.

6th April - Two weeks old and now puppies have their eyes open. Growing very fast, they are now strong and sturdy little pups. 10 is a lot of pups for Megi but she is managing to feed them all on her own. This weekend we will introduce raw minced chicken, they now need something to fill them up so they will go longer between feeds.

19th April - Four weeks old and pups have thrived over the last few weeks, new video below. Weaning is going well and they are having Lamlac as well to give Megi a well earned rest. Vet check and vaccinations booked for early May.

29th April - Six weeks old already and these little munchkins are growing incredibly well, they are certainly keeping Alan very busy; he who is retired lol! They love their food, especially raw tripe and are now beginning to get a taste for furry rabbit ears. They love being outside in the fresh air and can't wait for the door to open for them in the mornings. What a slight to behold when they are running alongside the big dogs while in their pen, they will be eager to get out and explore the world very soon.

7th May - Almost seven weeks old and growing like weeds and keeping Alan very busy. They are needing one to one attention now so they are getting ready for their new homes next week. Vet check on Thursday, this will be their first trip in the car. A collage of all their pics is in our gallery. 

30th May - Pups are now 10 weeks and all but two are now in their new homes, others leaving very soon. All have settled very well, it is always a relief to get the first week over and see lovely photos of them all settled and happy.

6th June - All but one of the pups are now in their forever homes. All future photos will be in the gallery 2023.

Litter 19.jpg

Mr Sultan Of Swing Bertusowy Gaj  

D.O.B: 04.07.2019

Eyes HC: - Clear - 26.02.23

Gonioscopy: - 0 - 17.01.21

Hips: 4 : 3   Elbows 0 : 0

Lpn1,2 & Lemp clear by parentage

Weight: 73kg      

Give Me A Royal Princess Ginger Heaven.

D.O.B: 11.05.2018

Eyes HC: - Clear 7th August 2022. 

Gonioscopy: - 1

Hips: 2 : 3   Elbows 0 : 0

Lpn1,2 & Lemp clear by parentage

Weight: 60kg

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