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Zara & Leo puppies Born 10.08.2017

12 puppies were born but only 10 survived

All puppies are reserved

Darco Leon Kral'ovce Of Pagency (Slovakian Import)

Sire: Coudy Kipisel Leon Bohemia

Dam: Alia Alba Leon Kral'ovce

D.O.B 16/08/14


LPN1 & 2 Clear

LEMP Clear

Eyes clear - 25/10/15

Hips: 2 : 3 = 5

Elbows: 0 : 0

Weight: 69kg

Height: 76cm

Pagency Kiszar Zara

Sire: Khaimas' Saturday Ducky

Dam: Bavaruki High Jinks At Pagency

DO.B 18.08.13

Eye Test Clear 05/02/2017

Hips: 3 : 3 = 6

Elbows: 0 : 0

LPN 1:  D/N Carrier

LPN2:  Clear

LEMP Clear

Weight: 68kg

Height: 78cm


Puppy News


The last two weeks seem to have flown by and all the pups are doing very well, gaining weight and thriving . It's always good to get past this first stage.

The largest puppy born was 600g while the smallest little girl was just 270g, little Emoji has done fabulous, always a strong little puppy, holding her own in a big litter of 10. She enjoys the scramble at the milk bar although she does get a five minute head start  and grabs the best spot lol!

This week they have their eyes and ears open; ears are nicely dropping down and they lift their heads up at the slightest sound, not wanting to miss an opportunity for a good feed off Mum. Now they will start the weaning process on to raw minced beef, lots of messy pups and so the fun begins.

More news and photos at 3 weeks!

3rd September, puppies 3 weeks old!

What a hectic week we've just had with puppies, and visitors coming to see their babies for the first time. They have grown so much as you can see by the photos, which weren't too bad this week as we managed to get them to stay still just long enough to get a decent photo.

They are loving their minced beef and next week they will be having minced chicken as well with a small amount of Gentle  added to their meal for the first time. Those tummies are getting stronger and have adapted very well to the raw diet with none showing any difficulties. With good noses, good ears and eyes, they are up and squealing at the first sign of dinner or their Mum! Weight is piling on them now with the heaviest being 2.870kg, lightest 2.020kg, all others are good weights in between. They have outgrown their newborn collars and now wearing their new bigger ones. Already, puppies are using paper for toilet training, they even get up from sleep to wobble over to the paper so that they keep their bedding area clean. Very good puppies! 

Looking forward to meeting more owners again this week with lots of puppy chatting over coffee.

11th September

What a crazy hectic time we are having, very late with our four weekly photos due to visitors and a dog show at the weekend but alas, here they are. The weeks are now flying by and the pups are getting huge, average weight is 4kg so well on target on what they should be.

The raw food has gone down well and so has the Gentle that we have added to their meals, raw bones too are a hit.  They now prefer to come out of the puppy pen during the day, and let us know with many impatient squeals. They are now playing with each other and biting legs and noses,chasing each other and cat pouncing!  Very affectionate, they love their puppy cuddles, they are so calm and quiet when laying in our arms; it's hard to believe what noise these gorgeous bundles of fur can make when altogether competing for best vocals lol!

More at 5 weeks, enjoy!

15th September

Puppies are now five weeks old and today, it was impossible to do the photos inside, they were so wriggly and strong, they would not keep still.  So outside they went and we managed some good shots of them all having a good play, although we did find out that they loved the sunshine, but not the rain. As soon as a spot landed on them, we had ten squealing puppies and a mad dash to get them back inside, worn out and tired after their  new adventure lol!

They have all gained around 1kg since last update just 4 days ago, the amount of food they eat is  incredible and they love everything they have. We are firm believers that it's people who make dogs fussy eaters by swapping and changing food when it's not necessary! All puppies are loving the Gentle food alongside the raw.

They are almost fully weaned now, with Zara going in to them just in the morning and at bedtime. Soon she will refuse to go near them as those little teeth are very sharp on the buttons of her waistcoat lol!

More news next week and just two lots of photos to do before these little bundles of fluff leave the nest. Enjoy!

22nd September

Puppies are now six weeks old, another week has flown by and puppies are getting much bigger. Again, our photos were outdoors where they are so much happier running about having fun with each other. Puppies always turn away from the camera which makes it so much harder, but we did manage to get some good snaps of them. Despite the rain this week, pups have been able to play outside and have some freedom in the garden, the summer plant tubs have been demolished but oh what fun was had!

Their new Mum's and Dad's are now on countdown as they eagerly await the arrival of these fluff balls, but do they really know what is in store for them over the coming weeks lol!

We have the vet check booked for next week and then only days left for us to enjoy puppy cuddles and just one more photo session.

27th September

Puppies are seven weeks old today, they  had a groom and photo session before their first car journey over to our vet for their health check. We have 10 healthy puppies who were as good as gold for us throughout the examinations, but have come home full of beans and confidence. This week we have seen a great difference in the pups, not only have they grown considerably, but their ability to play with each other, to come when shouted, and to see them run when they know dinner is served, really is a joy to behold. They are now proper puppies ready to go to their new homes anytime soon; they are in need of one to one attention which we cannot give them. They are watching and learning every day, our cats now realise they  have to scarper fast or they get jammed beneath  a fluffy ball with crocodile  like teeth!

Our first baby will leave for his forever home this weekend, it's been a fabulous experience and we look forward to seeing lovely, happy people with happy faces coming to collect their new additions, and their new way of life. Oh what fun will be had lol!

12th October

All our puppies are now settling in to their new homes and giving their new human servants lots to do. Thank you to everyone for coming to us for their new addition and we hope to have many updates as they grow and mature over the coming years. Never forget that we are here 24/7 for help and advice throughout the life of our puppies and we hope that their new Mums and Dads will keep to our recommended diet for the first year as discussed. Thanks also for the super photos and updates, all new photos following this week will appear in our 2017 gallery.

Another litter that we are very proud of.

Puppy Gallery

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