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Coco & Neo Litter 15

30th November 2020

Sire: Darco Leon Kral'ovce of Pagency (Slovakian Imp)

Dam: Give Me a Pink Diamond Ginger Heaven (Polish Imp)

14 puppies born, 11 live

6 Males & 5 Females





30th November

 Puppies have arrived and on the 1st Birthday of our last litter.

All are British Kennel Club registered.

1. 2.44am - Male - 330g - Pagency Neco'sDylan

2. 3.35am - Male - 400g - Pagency Neco's Dembe

3. 3.37am - Male - 460g -Pagency Neco's Guido

4. 4.11am - Male - 370g - Pagency Neco's Otis

5. 6.09am - Female - Stillborn

6. 6.25am - Male - 390g - Pagency Neco's Nero

7. 6.50am - Female - 380g - Pagency Neco's Bella

8. 7.03am - Female - 390g - Pagency Neco's Carys

9. 8.05am - Female - 430g - Pagency Neco's Elsa

                              10. 9.30am - Male - 410g - Pirate Collar - passed 02.12

11. 9.42am - Female - 460g - Pagency Neco's Belinda

12. 11.09am- Male - 370g - Pagency Neco's Hoxa

13. 12.15pm - Male -Stillborn

14. 4.30pm - Female - 500g - Pagency Neco's Anna

Both Neo & Coco are imports. Coco our Polish girl from the Ginger Heaven kennel, is a black & tan Leonberger and the only one in the UK; her colour is very rare with only a small number around the world.   They only occasionally occur in breeding when both parents carry the BT gene and a throw back to the Newfoundland, of which Leonbergers derive. Her genetics are correct for the breed and her parents are full pedigree sable Leonbergers. No other breed has been used to get this colour and they are no different in price.

All puppies are be KC registered. 

3rd December- Pups have been doing so well, gaining weight and thriving but yesterday, we lost a little boy very unexpectedly. It's always very sad to lose a puppy but this first week for them is very fragile. All others so far are doing just great and Coco is being a very attentive and proud Mummy to her babies.

10th December - It's good to get the first week over, now we can start to enjoy the pups and watch them grow. They are all gaining weight and doing well, Coco has a lot to contend with, having 11 hungry little babies and only 8 teats to feed them. She has enough milk for them all so they are very content for now.

15th December - The famous 11 have completed their two first weeks and are growing like weeds. Coco now feeds them outside the whelping box as it seems easier, she's such a big girl to move around with 11 crawling pups now. Leos are such clumsy mums, they don't know where to put their big feet. We always say what wonderful mums they make, when really, they are very hard work, they will sit on them, lie on them and will tread on them when they stand up. It's not easy at all to rear a litter of Leo pups and for this reason we are with them 24/7 for the first three weeks. Pups just wouldn't survive if left alone with Mum.

Next week they will all go in to the puppy pen so Coco will start to move away from them. More news and pics then.

24th December - 3 weeks old already and on solid food, they love their minced beef and meal times is rather hectic as they all rush for the bowl. Photos so difficult now they are moving so fast, getting them still for a second is almost impossible. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas 🎄🤶 

31st December - Photos of puppies at 4 weeks old and what a difference in them since they started on solid food. Coco isn't too pleased to feed them now they have sharp teeth. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year 🥳

6th January 2021 - 5 week photos were quite easy to do  with pups much more relaxed. They are enjoying coming out of the pen and having individual contact now. They really are proper puppies, playing with their toys and each other, there is a huge difference in them as you can see by the pics. They have all gained 1.5kg in just a week, they do love their food and crunching biscuits. More news next week, time is flying by so fast.

15th January - Well, puppies have all been vet checked and given a clean bill of health, first vaccination is done along with microchips. They were so good and our vet was most impressed how calm they all were. Very pleased to get that out of the way during this very difficult time with social distancing. Pups are gaining weight and are full of fun, plenty of biting going on, new owners beware of these little crocks that will soon be arriving 😂

12th February - Puppies have now all settled in to their new homes very well, they are enjoying exploring their new surroundings and getting to know their new families. All are growing well as they reach 10 weeks old and it seems they are keeping their new Mums and Dads very fit lol!

Thanks to all for the updates and lovely photos, very much appreciated. Their last photos are below, all other updates will be in our 2021 gallery.

The KC registrations have been delayed by the KC backlog, they will be posted as soon as we receive them.

Wishing all our beautiful babies a long, happy and healthy life. We are here 24/7 for any advice and support for their lifetime, always happy to help where we can 🐶🐾🥰

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