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Puppies from Zara & Bruin have arrived

11th August 2018 6 Males-3 Females

Sire - Machk Bruin Du Plateau Bavarouis

Grand Sire: Igloo Du Plateau Bavarois

Grand Dam: Freya Ensson Bohemia

D.O.B 23.02.2013

Eyes clear

Hips: 3:4 = 7

Elbows: 0:0

LPN 1&2 clear

Weight: 90kg

Height: 82cm

Dam - Pagency Kiszar Zara

Sire: Khaimas' Saturday Ducky

Dam: Bavaruki High Jinks At Pagency

D.O.B 18.08.2012

Eyes Clear - 11.05.18

Hips: 3 : 3 = 6

Elbows: 0 : 0


LPN2 Clear

Lemp Clear

Weight: 63kg

Height: 78cm

COI 10 Gen is 4.43% 39Gen is 26.6%

Puppy News

12th August

Puppies arrived right on due time yesterday, and what an easy whelping this was for Zara's 2nd litter. She breezed through it all in just eight hours, giving birth to ten puppies in total but sadly, the 10th male puppy was stillborn. So we have 6 boys & 3 girls who appear to be  strong and healthy, feeding well and within just a few hours, crawling around the whelping box. They are all over 450g except one little girl who is just 350g, but she is as strong as her siblings and we have no reason for concern. So pleasing today to have happy new Mums and Dads all thrilled to hear the fabulous news. We enter the new week with the same enthusiasm and  excitement that we always feel when puppies arrive!

18th August

What a difference a week makes, the puppies have done so well and growing fast, while Zara has been the most devoted Mum to her babies. They have all gained good weight and are extremely strong for just one week old. Milk is in abundance at the milk bar and already they are scrawling around the whelping box, finding their way back to Mum when little tummies begin to rumble.

Only one word to describe trying to take photos this week, horrendous! We've had two attempts and they are so fast it's so difficult to capture their heads, they always want to go away from the camera. More news and pics next week.


25th August

Puppies are now 2 weeks old and in their photos this week, you will see that their eyes are open, that's when they would face the camera to get a good shot of them lol! They are doing so well and gaining weight quickly, Zara has plenty of milk for them and they now go around four hours between each feed. They are little angels during the night, they seem so content that they wait until Mum is ready to go to them, she lays by the side of our bed snoozing, until it's time to feed them. It's a very easy litter, we hardly know they are here, but that will probably change next week when they are introduced to minced beef for the first time. Next update will be on 2nd September as it's time to go and fetch our new girls from Poland, the long drive across Europe begins tomorrow!

10th September

So sorry for such a late update folks, it's been hectic with fetching our new girls and then falling ill on the return home, it's been like a whirlwind of madness.  Now here we are with puppies four weeks old and there is  a huge difference in their weight since the last photos, as you can see, most are around 4kg. They are now Kennel Club Registered, all names approved and have been added to the new photos.

The minced beef has gone down a treat and the bowl is soon licked clean by those greedy little mouths, they are loving it; Gentle is now being added too, to help fill them up for longer. Today was their first day outside to taste the fresh air and they were very confident, their little tails didn't stop wagging the whole time as they explored their way around the garden, sniffing and biting flowers as they passed by. We had puppy visitors for some socialisation, and a lovely little boy had fun playing with them all, it was lovely to see. We look forward to the next few weeks with more excited families coming to see their new fur babies, along with catching up with previous owners who have come back to us again. We even get to see our older pups who will come to catch up with their Mum and Leo family here, it's lovely to see how they have grown up since leaving us.

More news about our fun and games at week 5.

16th September

Puppies are now 5 weeks old and as you can see by the photos, they are thoroughly enjoying the outdoors. It's so good when they can go and explore the garden as it keeps them occupied for a while with lots more to do, all the different smells, and they feel new textures under their sensitive little  paws. They don't like the rain though and we've been caught out a couple of times this week with the good old British weather. It's the first time that they have felt the cold and they rush in to huddle together to get warm again, while being very quiet as if they are miserable with us for allowing them to get wet lol!  Most Leonberger puppies soon learn that they actually like getting cold and wet and will do so for most of their lives given the opportunity.

We are now at the squabbling stage and they make it known when they are not happy with each other. They are learning the pressure of their bite  and soon react when nipped a little bit hard, it's quite funny to watch them play like this and only occasionally do we have to step in when it gets a bit too rough.

They are loving all their food and now that they have little teeth, they can easily chew chicken carcass's and meaty bones. They have Gentle food as well for more nutritional value, this contains everything that they need as raw food isn't quite enough for them in our opinion. The growth rate is quite phenomenal and we like to ensure that we have everything covered to get them strong and healthy.

Our many visitors are helping us to socialise the puppies, it's so good for them to meet lots of people and have new experiences. They very much enjoy love and cuddles and very soon they will be in need of one to one attention from their new families, it's all going much too fast!

22nd September

Here we are at six weeks old and puppies are thriving and growing well, not long for them to be leaving for their forever homes and new families. We can't keep up with the food they are consuming, they do love to eat and enjoy every little mouthful. They are now fully weaned from Mum and enjoying drinking Lamlac  instead, which is there for them all the time, and the Gentle can be eaten dry now those teeth are much stronger. Fish flakes have been added to their diet this week, a different texture and taste for them, it's gone down well!

It's been a difficult week weather wise but the pups cry to go outside as they love the fresh air. They have started to only want to go to toilet on the lawn and in the morning they are all squealing to go out, they don't want to dirty their pen at all now, such good little babies. They have enjoyed some play time this week with our three older puppies, who have been very gentle with them, it's been good to observe pups at different ages and how they interact with each other. The pups have even ventured in to the big yard and have loved hiding under the cars with a chicken carcass, hiding so as not to lose their prize, there have been a few tug of wars going on with food.

Next week they will be vet checked and micro chipped, then they will be ready to leave us. Already they need one to one and enjoy coming out as individuals for special attention, like typical Leonbergers, they love to be cuddled.

All photos this week were taken on the move, and they do just move fast lol!

1st October

Puppies have started to leave this week as they are now over 7 weeks old. 

It's a very busy week with lots of visitors all excited to collect their new fur babies. Cosmo has gone to live with his half brother Barley, who was  from Zara's first litter. So true is the saying "one is never enough" many do come back to us for their second puppy, for which we are extremely grateful. The vet check went perfect with  no abnormalities in the pups, that's always a relief. Photos will be added over this week as puppies leave us.

We wish them all a very long and healthy life in their forever homes, they are another lovely litter for us and we will miss them all. Thank you to everyone for coming to us here at Pagency Leonbergers and please keep in touch with photos and updates as they grow, we are always very proud to add them to our gallery. 

13th October

It's so good to hear that all our puppies have settled in to their new homes very well and  owners report how wonderful they are. Many people experience the sadness of losing a beloved pet and while they can never be replaced, having another puppy in their lives does ease that pain. There has been great joy for some homes this time and it's good to know that we have brought some happiness back in to those families lives. Thank you all for the lovely photos we have received, which will now go in to the 2018 gallery. This will be the very last update here. Enjoy those precious babies for as long as they are here, we hope for good health and longevity in every one of them and very happy lives for all.

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