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Coco & Sultan Litter 18
Both Parents are Polish Imports and have both passed all their health tests.
Clear eye certificates,

LPN1,2,3 & Lemp, clear by parents
Trial Pedigree

All pups have forever homes

Mr Sultan Of Swing Bertusowy Gaj
D.O.B: 04.07.2019
Eyes HC: - Clear 17th Aug 2021 
Gonioscopy: - 0
Hips: 4 : 3   Elbows 0 : 0
Weight 65kg      
Promise Me A Pink Diamond Ginger Heaven

D.O.B: 10.05.2018

Hips: 2:3    Elbows: 0:0
Eyes: HC Clear 07.08.2022 

            Gonioscopy: Low grade 2  -  23.02.20                

                                  Weight: 68kg                                        

Coco 2022JPG.JPG

This is a 2nd litter for Coco but her 1st with Sultan. She is a Black & Tan pure bred Leonberger, read more about her here

D.O.B - 5th September 2022

2 Males & 5 Females

This litter was born on the 11th Birthday of our 3rd litter

Elsa & Breeze in 2011. We sadly lost our Juju earlier this year. These pups are dedicated to her memory 🧡

10.30pm 4th Sept - Female - 430g - Yellow - Pagency Cosul Winnie

12.00am 5th Sept- Female- 420g - Orange - Pagency Cosul Indi

12.37am - Female - 410g - White Star - Pagency Cosul Harlequin

01.38am -Female - 390g - Pink Paws - Pagency Cosul Julz

02.25am - Male - 410g - Blue Heart - Pagency Cosul Loki

9.30am - Male - 470g - Stillborn

10.07am - Male 450g - Black - Pagency Cosul Chieftain

12.30pm - Female - 480g - White Paws - Pagency Cosul Crown Jewel- Suki



Pagency Cosul Litter 2022

 8th Sept - Day 3 and pups are doing very well, gaining weight and thriving. We stopped giving weight updates for a few years as people not familiar with newborn pups can get concerned with fluctuating weights. This is normal and weights will change with each puppy over the next few weeks. As long as there is some weight gain, we are very happy with their progress.

12th September - 1 week old - Pups are thriving and three of them have reached 1kg in weight today. 

19th September - 2 weeks old - Getting very busy with these little lungs on legs. All are healthy, strong and growing well. Coco is an enthusiastic Mum, calmer than she was with her first litter but very focussed on them. Milk is very rich and not in abundance, just enough for seven hungry little mouths. Eyes are just starting to open, we have tried to capture this on some of the photos this week.

Each week we will add a file on this page with information and advice on Leonberger care. The first one is advice on grooming. A large percentage of owners have difficulty grooming an adult Leo, many don't  have their undercoat removed while moulting.  Most people don't use a good detangler spray, which helps immensely and repels dirt. Cantor Main & Tail is a good starting point, buy from Amazon.

26th September - 3 weeks old - The chicken mince is going down well and pups are noticeably bigger this week. Photos were very difficult as they won't stay still for more then a second, we just about managed to get three pics of each of them for their collage. Very pleased that the KC have accepted all our chosen names and they are now registered. It took only two days so great service from the Kennel Club.

New page added for all the info links.

2nd October - 4 weeks old - What a difference a week makes! These are hungry pups and eating very well. They are all strong, healthy and happy little souls. We have very strong heads in this litter, so much more like Sultan than Coco, even the girls. Nice and chunky bodies and all weighing  between 3.5kg-4kg.  Already we have the KC certificates which took exactly seven days.  A very kind lady called Suzi, queried that Sultan's pedigree wasn't complete and by today, I have an email that she has corrected this and it is now correct for five generations. Kudos to the Kennel Club, I have not known such excellent service for a long time. Enjoy the new photos this week.

11th October - 5 weeks old - Another huge difference in size this week after they have tried Turkey mince along with beef and chicken. Tripe and lamb will be added to their diet this week. They enjoy their food and are having very little milk from Coco now. They are  going outside to play during the day while the weather is mild, having great fun and have started to bite each other, this involves a lot of squealing lol! Their little characters are beginning to show through and we start to see their learning capabilities. Very important times in the litter, this week they are learning pressure of bite, which isn't fun for those on the receiving end 😂. Enjoy the pics.

16th October - 6 weeks old - The pups are consuming an incredible amount of food now and all thriving. They love being outdoors and playing while the big dogs are close by, especially Coco keeping watch. Puppy toilet training is going well, they can't wait to go out in the mornings and do most of their toilet outside. Mum no longer has milk so they have been weaned on to Lamlac, available from Amazon here. The pups will need this when they go their homes in two weeks time. They can have this for life, not just while they are puppies. Their vet check is now booked, they will have the Nobivac vaccine and Lepto 2 only. Owners please check that your vet can do the same vaccination when pups reach 10 weeks. They must not have Lepto 4, there are too many side effects, including death being reported in pups after having this vaccine. Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection carried by rats, it would be very rare for a puppy to develop this bacteria. Research shows that very few cases have ever been reported to vets. Many breeders refuse to give the vaccine at all as they feel it has no validation. If caught early, the bacteria can easily be treated with antibiotics. If we consider that we all live very close to rats, it cannot possibly be a problem or there would be more incidences being reported. (scientific evidence suggests that the lepto vaccine only has any protection within two weeks of vaccination) Every vaccine we put in to our dogs is a poison that may affect their immune system later in life. According to research and statistics, all allergies and many auto immune diseases are caused by vaccinations.  Some vets, especially the new large groups that we now see everywhere, are  advising people to have a third vaccine at 12 weeks old. While we are not qualified vets, we have experience, knowledge and follow research projects on vaccines. We would not recommend a third vaccine, it is not in your pups best interests to receive a further vaccination that according to current research, they do not need. The second vaccine is only given in case the puppy still has antibodies from their Dam which can invalidate the first vaccination. They may carry antibodies up to 12 weeks but in most cases, it's 10 weeks. If we work on this principle, we maybe shouldn't vaccinate until 12 weeks and then only give one vaccine. Many breeders in Europe  work on this ethos as if this third vaccine is the most import, then why administer the first two?  All our dogs have only ever had their initial puppy vaccination and none have ever developed any diseases from not having annual boosters. Enjoy the photos this week.

25th October - 7 weeks old and they have flown by so quickly. Today they have all had their vet check and 1st vaccination of Nobivac and Lepto 2. A clean bill of health for all puppies and a report of this will be in each puppy pack. We've had so much rain this weekend that their photos this week are from those taken at the vets.

Also in the puppy packs will be some Aniforte Taurine for dogs. We supplement all our dogs with Taurine as it is believed that giant breed dogs don't produce enough taurine, and many suffer with heart disease. Common in all the giant breeds. Tests have shown less incidence of heart disease when supplemented with taurine.. We have lost 3 of our girls from sudden heart failure in the past between ages 7-8. Since using Taurine, we seem to have prevented this and our last three girls that we have lost, had no heart disease and lived to ten years and over . For a small amount of money, I think it's worth giving this supplement. Our last week with these little mini- crocks 😂 new owners get ready; your lives will never be the same again 🥳

10th November - Pups are now 9 weeks old and 5 of them have settled in to their new homes. It's certainly much calmer here with only Suki & Chief to look after. Chief will be with us until end of November when he will be travelling over the pond to his new family & a few Leo's. Until then, Suki has a playmate so lots of fun and games.

We wish all our babies a wonderful & healthy life and hope they bring great joy to their owners in the years to come. All new photos will appear in our other yearly galleries. This will be our last post on this page. It has been another fabulous litter and we are very proud of them all. Good luck  and our very best wishes to all.

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