We have a large pack of dogs who all live, eat and sleep together in our home without problems.
Our older girls who have both sadly passed away, have produced five super litters between them. We have not bred from Elsa's children  Neva and Julz. Sadly Neva passed away here at almost seven years old. Julz is a darling at 10 years old and was our first dog to be tested clear for lpn1, sadly we never felt that she was suitable for breeding, despite her father being an International Champion and the long journey to Budapest for him. On paper, she is probably the best we have.

Our second home bred Kiki sadly passed away aged 8 years in 2018, she had only one litter.

Sisters Hele & Tasha have both had two litters and are now retired from breeding. Hele passed away in late 2020 at almost 9 years old.

Zara a hadge 7 had two lovely litters, she passed away suddenly in September 2020.

In December 2014, we travelled to Slovakia to fetch our import boy Neo, Darco Leon Kral'ovce.

From our Neo & Hele litter 2016, we have kept two girls for our future breeding, Holly & Nikita & from a repeat mating in 2018, we have Merlin. Nikita had only one litter and Holly remains in breeding.

Neo has also sired two litters of 8 puppies at Bergleerson Leonbergers, 2018 & 2019. He is now 7 years old and is retired.

After travelling to Poland at the end of August 2018, we imported our two girls Coco & Meghan. from the Ginger Heaven kennel. Coco is a rare black and tan Leonberger, born to dark coated red Leonbergers, she can't be shown as she doesn't conform to the standard drawn up to the Leonberger club of Germany. It's a colour prejudice issue that many breeders around the world disagree with.  She is a full pedigree KC registered  Leonberger. She has had one litter of 11 pups, all red in 2020.

Aslan is the proud Father of 11 puppies born  April 2014 to Pagency Zelba's Pink Diamond at Beauteal Leonbergers. This was our first Pagency to Pagency breeding.  In 2019, he had a litter of 4 at Lyndordream Leonbergers. He is also now retired after his two litters.

In September 2019, we travelled to Poland to bring in a male puppy for someone else, in the hope that we will be able to use him at stud when he is older. 

November 2019, we travelled to Poland again to bring in our new boy "Sultan" from the Bertusowy Gaj Kennel. At two years of age he has passed all his health tests and will be in breeding soon.

Holly had had her 1st litter of 10 puppies, November 2019.  Her second litter of two girls  at the end of December 2020 and she will have one more litter in 2022.

All of our dogs will remain with us for life regardless of their ability to show, breed, or health. They are all very loved family members.

For more information on each dog, click on their photo to see their individual  page.


Mr Sultan Of Swing Bertusowy Gaj


D.O.B: 04.07.2019

Sire: Slottblommans Chibs of Samco

Dam: Frida Bertusowy Gaj:




Eyes: Clear Gonioscopy 0

Weight: 57.7kg 2 years


Promise Me A Pink Saphire At Pagency Ginger Heaven


D.o.B: 10.05.2018

Sire:Belle Amie's BodyN"soul vom Dreimadlhaus

Dam:Summer Dream of Enigma Ginger Heaven


Hips: 2:3

Elbows: 0:0

Eyes:Clear Gonioscopy 2

Weight 18 months 55kg

Meg sept 2020.JPG

Give Me A Royal Princess At Pagency Ginger Heaven


D.O.B: 11.05.2018

Sire:Fejo Ager Trifolium

Dam: Summer Enigma's Heritage Ginger Heaven


LPN1, 2, Lemp: Clear by parentage

Hips: 2:2

Elbows: 0:0

Eyes: Clear Gonioscopy 1

Weight 18 months 45kg

Darco Leon Kral'ovce Of Pagency
Click photo

Sire: Cipisek Coudy Leon Bohemia

Dam: Alia Alba Leon Kral'ovce

D.O.B 16/08/14


LPN1 & 2 Clear

Lemp N/N Clear

Eyes clear: 19.11.2018

Gonioscopy: Pass

Hips: 2 : 3 = 5

Elbows: 0 : 0

Weight: 62kg


Holly 4.heic

Pagency Noel's



Click photo

Sire: Darco Leon Kral'ovce Of Pagency

Dam: Pagency Gdynia Helen

D.O.B  13.12.2016


LPN1 & 2 Clear

LEMP Clear

Hips: 1-0

Elbows: 0-0

Eyes: HD Clear August 2021

Gonioscopy pass 0

Pagency Gdynia

Sire: Knockando's Swedish Roussillon

Dam: Bavaruki High Jinxs At Pagency

D.O.B 09/03/2012


Eyes clear - 28/02/16
Hips - 7 : 0 = 7
Elbows - 0 : 0
LPN1 D/N carrier
LPN2 N/N clear

Lemp D/N carrier

Weight: 60kg


Pagency Gdynia "Aslan"
"Proven Sire"

Sire: Knockando's Swedish Roussillon

Dam: Bavaruki High Jinxs At Pagency

D.O.B 09/03/2012


Eyes clear: 2019

Gonioscopy Pass - 09/03/13
Hips: 4 : 4 = 8
Elbows: 0 : 0
LPN1 N/N Clear

LPN2 Clear
Height: 81cm
Weight: 68kg


Crown Jewel



Sire : Int Ch. Rua Soleil Imagine Breeze

Dam : Vectiseleon Mandisa At Pagency


Eyes tested HC clear 02.02.17

LPN1 - N/N Clear

LPN2 - N/N Clear

Not in breeding