Due to the high demand for Leonberger puppies, we cannot accept any more enquiries. Our waiting list is currently around 18-24 months. 

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It would be fair to say, that due to the many imported dogs coming in to the UK over the last few years; breeders can no longer claim they have new lines. Put simply, there aren't any more new genetic lines, so we have to make our selections for future sires, very carefully! If we go back more than five generations, we are all breeding from the same dogs. Over the last ten years, some prolific males have sired more than 100 progeny each all over the world, of which many of those progeny have also been used in breeding.  It has become frustratingly difficult to find new dogs without those pedigrees.

 Serious enquiries only please!

  All our dogs in breeding have passed the required health tests, their results are on their own pages.

 As responsible breeders, we don't have a mating until we have several puppies reserved and we always have a waiting list for each litter. Prospective owners can pull out at any time so occasionally we might have a place available sooner.

As of April 30th 2020, we are no longer members of the KC Assured Breeder Scheme. We have chosen not to renew this due to so many problems in and around the KC. It is also now apparent that breeders with many dogs are being told that they have to re-home their older dogs who are not in breeding. This is never going to happen here! 

The new council breeding licence is similar and as we have never been in a position to make profit, we don't wish to go down this avenue yet. We do agree that a licence should be required for all breeding, but there must be some distinction between hobby breeders who have puppies in their home and commercial breeders.

All our homebred girls have had only 1 or 2 litters, we have chosen to have more girls, rather than more litters with fewer girls.

We  only consider a serious interest when the enquirer has agreed to come and meet us  and see our dogs in their home.  


For those who are searching other breeders, and we recommend that people do this, please don't enquire until you have finished your research. Puppy buyers guide.

There is a great deal of info about us and our breeding ethics here to decide if we are the right breeders for you.

We would expect that if you do visit us, it is with the intention to reserve a puppy if all goes well. We no longer accept visits for people to see the breed up close, you can do this at Champion shows and talk to people there and gain info about the breed in general.

This visit needs to be before the litter is born as our pups are always reserved before their birth. We rarely have puppies available once they arrive!

If this is successful with both parties, (we assume that you have had time to think seriously about wanting a puppy from us before making this visit),  following this, then we would kindly ask for a small holding fee within one week of the visit before we will add anyone to our reservation list. 

This is non refundable for a change of mind at a later date, but in the event that we are unable to provide a puppy, then a full refund would be given. This method has proved successful as it has prevented most time wasters and those who go on to several lists.

We cannot reserve a puppy for anyone until a holding fee has been paid!

Our dogs are very much part of our family and are all treated as our extended family of children. It is important to us that our puppies go to homes who have similar principles to ours; where they will live in the home and be at the center of a family and included in every day life, but most importantly; where they will be loved and cared for, for the rest of their lives. Training and time is essential and we highly recommend the KC Good Citizens Award training, Bronze, Silver and Gold. We have spent more than 13 years training all our dogs through these awards, it really is worth the work involved. If people don't have the time and dedication; or resources for regular training, then a Leonberger is not for them.

While we have sent some puppies to younger families which have been very successful. We do prefer established families for our puppies, rather than young couples who will require doggy daycare and who will go on to have their own families.  Usually in the latter, time is an issue and from experience over the years, this is not the home for our puppies. We want them to have at least as good as what they would have with us. A Leonberger is not really a starting out dog, we can't bear the thought that once a child comes along, the puppy will lose that affection and be somewhat sidelined and no longer that families no 1 priority. You have to understand the breed to know that we are  not just being mean spirited here. In an established family, there is usually someone home most of the time and the puppy will always be the most important family member so it is this family who we seek above all others.

You can't have a Leonberger on a budget: food is more expensive as is insurance, vet bills etc. Average costs can be more than keeping a person! While you don't need to be rich, you need to be in a comfortable position financially and not have to worry about the expense. A good example here, if you want a Rolls Royce but can't afford the fuel, get a Mini.

We don't keep our price low to enable poor people to afford them, that is not the market we are looking for. We have put too much effort in to our breeding and travelling all  over Europe for the last 11 year's. It is doubtful that any other Leonberger breeder has personally travelled the miles that we have in the name of genetic diversity. (Happy to name any breeder here who can challenge us to this statement) When you reach the border of Slovakia & Ukraine, you know you are as Far East in Europe as you can go.

The initial outlay does not represent the true cost of keeping a Leonberger for the next 7-10 years.

Dogs are carnivores, they require a meat based diet, a serious consideration for vegetarians who might have a problem handling and feeding meat. If this is a problem then our puppies are not for those people.
We would also wish to be kept updated with news and pictures periodically throughout their lives. If this is not something one would be happy to do, then perhaps we would not be the right breeders for that person. We are just being honest in our approach to selling puppies, we have high expectations as our puppies are very precious to us. 

The Leonberger is not a breed to be left home alone all day without human company, consideration must be given before enquiring about a puppy as  anyone who has full time working commitments would not be suitable.  A large garden is also necessary for a  giant breed dog and access to nice walks as well.

We would not sell a puppy who would have to live outdoors in a kennel, these dogs are very sensitive family pets who thrive on being allowed to join in on all family activities. Someone worried about dog hair in the new car wouldn't cope as they have to go with you just for the ride. You must have a suitable vehicle for them. The Leonberger is more needy than any other breed of dog that we have ever known, needy for your company at all times.

We started out in 2006 with good intentions, not in the best room, not on the sofa, not on the bed. 15 years on and they have access to every room, sleep wherever they want and there is always at least one dog asleep at the side of the bed every night.

Not everyone who sends in an enquiry for a puppy will be successful, we do have high expectations of a prospective forever home, simply because of the way our own dogs live here.  Over the years we have found the most wonderful homes for most of our puppies, people who have become very good friends, but occasionally we have got it wrong. We try very hard not to make those same mistakes again as it's disappointing to not receive regular updates and photos. 


We have written extensive information about us on our website, to give an informed impression to anyone who may wish to have their puppy from us. Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have, they will be answered with honesty.

When you come to visit us and as  previously written, please be aware that Dianne suffers with two forms of Systemic Sclerosis, Scleroderma with overlap of Lupus, an auto immune disorder which has suppressed the ability to fight off infection.  Any slight infection that you may have will almost certainly be passed on, so we would therefore  kindly ask that  you don't visit us with any type of virus. A slight cough or cold can be very severe to someone with a suppressed and compromised immune system, it is much safer to make another suitable date. Thanks in advance!

With the arrival of Covid-19, we will have to be more vigilant than ever before.

We can promise a very excitable, warm and wet welcome from our furry bears who are all very friendly, especially to children.

Nothing gives us more pleasure than to see people and their children interacting with our dogs, they are well behaved once the initial greeting is over, and we place our trust in them wholeheartedly.  We have captured many special moments with children looking in to their eyes while gently stoking their soft fur. On one occasion, Julz was almost asleep as a little girl stroked her face, it is quite touching to see this and we feel so proud that our dogs love children so much.

Our  KC registered puppies  will have breeding endorsements applied on their registration certificate as "Progeny not eligable for registration" These will not be lifted unless breeding has been agreed before purchase, a contract will be signed to protect our puppies in the future.

We may offer some puppies from each litter to leave without KC papers at a reduced price, depending on the number of puppies born. These puppies cannot be bred from or shown in the future, so serious consideration to be given  as this cannot be changed at a later date. We also place an endorsement of "not for exportation" unless previously agreed. 

Once we are in a position to offer a puppy, this will usually be one week after the birth of the puppies, a further deposit will be required to secure a puppy.  All monies paid will be deducted from the final balance, with a full receipt  given in the puppy pack when it is time for your puppy to leave us. Puppies are with us until they are eight weeks of age, as is the law now.  It is really important for puppies to be in their forever homes as early as possible as they need one to one attention that they cannot get in the litter. For this reason, we will not keep puppies longer than a few days extra.

We reserve the right to refund monies paid at any point if we feel any doubt about a prospective puppy home!

We are self financing hobby breeders and we have always kept official accounts for our breeding so all bank tranfers and/or cash are recorded. (This was noted with shock during our assessment for the ABS by the KC) Alan is HMRC registered even though retired.

Since our first litter in 2010 and due to travelling across Europe to use many foreign Sires, importing Neo from Slovakia and importing our three youngsters from Poland in 2018-2019  in our quest for genetic diversity, and the upkeep of up to 12 Leonbergers, we have never been in a position to make profit from breeding.  Quite the opposite, in particular with our Polish litter in 2012 where we lost considerably, especially as we kept four pups from a litter of eight. This is not our intention in the future, but our dogs have to be self sufficient.  If we take in to account our financial loss of £100,000 in 2012, on our Spanish dream home that we gave up due to our love of the breed, we will never be in profit!  It did happen briefly with our very big litter but it wasn't long before the pot was empty again.  Breeding is an expensive hobby, always looking for different blood lines and dogs, health testing etc. Those of us who do it properly will continue to put everything back in to breeding and our dogs, profit is never a consideration.

When  we do have puppies, it is always a labor of love and we enjoy every moment with our puppies when they are here.

During the first few weeks of your puppies life, we  keep you informed at every stage of their progress with weekly website updates and photos.  For our last few litters, this has been made so much easier with Apps on our mobiles and it has been great to get to know people a little better as we communicate throughout your exciting journey.

With every litter we try to improve on what we do and to make those first few weeks both exciting and fun as you eagerly await your precious bundle of fluff. We love our puppies dearly and want to share every special moment with you.

As responsible breeders,  we have a clause in our puppy contract that states that our puppies must come back to us at any point should the need arise. This is agreed and signed by every new owner.  We ask no questions and make no judgment should any puppy owner of ours be in this unfortunate position. While we would be sympathetic, our priority would be for the puppy that we have bred, so there should be no reason for anyone to not want us to know. 

We emphasise that under no condition must any puppy bred by us, be involved in any way with the Leonberger welfare/rescue organisations.

This would be a breach of contract of which we take very seriously.

If you have had one of our precious puppies and are happy with us as breeders, we kindly ask that you leave a testimonial in our guestbook. Your opinion is important to us and it also shows the dog breeding world that we are doing a good job, or not lol!  Please tell us!

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