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28th May

Our gorgeous pups from Coco are now settling  in to their new homes. Wishing them all a long, happy and healthy life.

What an eventful two months we have had; poor Alan absolutely run off his feet looking after all of us, following my ill timed accident and a few broken bones. Not a pleasant time for any of us. Our 20th litter and probably our worst to date. You just never know what's around the corner, all it takes is one wrong step and it's curtains!


We had intended to mate our little Meg, but sadly we had to cancel those plans. Due to her age of six years, she has now retired from breeding. She did us very proud with two lovely litters and we have her daughter Tessa for the future.

 Meg is an exceptional service dog, self taught, she decided in 2023, following my surgery, that she was going to care for me for the next three months. She has just spent six weeks, day and night at my bedside, helping me to get about and allowing me to use her to stabilise myself.  She has this incredible ability to know exactly what I need of her.  Having her by my side saved the need for professional carers coming to the house. Nicknamed Matron Meg, I really don't know what I would do without her.  Once I'm on my feet, she becomes my chaperone, never once getting in my way or touching my legs. Somehow, she just knows what to do, it's quite humbling to have an animal so intelligent in this capacity. From the day she arrived from Poland in 2018, I knew that she was going to be special, loyal beyond comprehension, a once in a lifetime faithful companion. My beautiful beloved Meg 💕



23rd April

Very sad news to report of Pagency Kimarl Cristobal, Sonia, who celebrated her 10th Birthday only last month. She was in good health for her age but while out on a walk with her family, she was running when her front leg went in to a hole and was broken at the shoulder. She had a nine hour operation to repair it and seemed to be recovering well. A few days later she  suddenly passed away, it had all been too much for her at such a great age.  Devastating for her family who did all they could to help her recover. Our love and thanks to Ron, Yulia & Tatiana for giving our girl a wonderful & loving  home for ten years. Birthday photo of Sonia below. 


9th March

Crufts 2024

Now in our 18th year in the breed and on our 21st Leonberger puppy, little Tessa did us very proud in taking Best Puppy in Breed 🎉 The only British bred top winning dog at Crufts this year.  All others are either imports(including BOB) or foreign visiting dogs. Results below.

We've done our apprenticeship; this little lady is something special and we are told, worthy of some serious campaigning this year. After 7 years away from the ring, Alan had to get back in to practice and pulled out all the stops for us. We all had an incredible day with some great support around us. Very much looking forward to the future with Tess.

All this on what would have been the 12th Birthday of our Gdynia litter, Aslan, Hele & Tasha 🌈



























7th March

Today we celebrate the 🥳 10th Birthday of Sonia🎊 from our Kiki & Maarlo litter, the last surviving puppy.  Sonia has arthritis in her back legs but she's doing ok and still enjoying nice walks. I went to visit her in December and she's a very happy girly, here with her family in Worcester. Happy Birthday Sonia 💕 and a heavenly birthday to all the others.










13th January 2024

Wishing all our visitors a Very Happy New Year

We look forward to exciting times ahead.

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