Coco & Meghan

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Coco and Meghan were born on 10th & 11th May 2018 to Sisters Gaja & Milka, bred by Dagmara Spedding,  at the Ginger Heaven Kennel in Poland. Both their Sires live in Germany and these diverse pedigrees are new to our breeding lines.

Our sincere thanks to Dagmara, for keeping the girls a little longer and for allowing her precious little ones to come to England to live with us, we will be forever grateful for these beautiful girls who will be loved and treasured for the rest of their lives.

We have been eagerly watching them both grow from just a few days old and even then, Dagmara suspected that she had 5 black & Tan puppies in the litter of Gaja. It became very obvious quite quickly and our interest was more on the BT's than the usual colour.  These pups are so very rare, born to pure bred Leonbergers who both  carry the BT gene and bred together, although neither breeders knew this before the mating; they then produced five little, incredible beauties. Both parents were very dark in coat with a lot of black tipping. The honesty shown in presenting this litter to the world  really has put the BT's on the map and they have been most sought after around the world.  Previously in Europe, it is believed that  many BT puppies were culled at birth as breeders felt that they were not worthy of keeping. They are all KC registered and have export pedigrees, although this colour is not recognised by the bureaucrats in Germany who set the breed standard for the Leonberger. For this reason, they cannot be shown at KC or FCI events, even more appealing for us!

Dagmara had kindly kept us up to date with photos of them until it was time to go to Poland to meet her and collect our new babies. A journey of 2500 miles across Europe with our good friend Katie on board to help, but well worth the effort. It was great to meet their Mums and Grandma Lapka and other family members there, not to mention meeting Dagmara at last after many years of being in contact.

The girls were amazingly good on the journey home and got quite accustomed to staying in hotels, we also spent a day in a garage after breaking down on the Polish/German border. The service from the RAC left a lot to be desired on this occasion, but the less said about that, the better. The three girls took it all in their stride and thoroughly enjoyed the whole adventure. We also brought with us Coco's sister, Maya, who now lives with good friends Tim & Dee who  have Zac from our Zara & Bruin litter 2018. It was a fabulous overall experience that we won't forget in a very long time! Another journey abroad in our quest for genetic diversity complete.

Since arriving home, they have been amazing, they have settled so well and are unbelievably good puppies who have fit in to our pack perfectly. Their temperaments are excellent and they are both  very easy going pups. We are so happy with them, they are adorable and Meghan has already started her training at Ring Craft, we are very excited at what the future holds for us.

At 18 months old, October 2019, both girls have now been with us just over a year.  They continue to please us every day and are a pleasure to have in our pack as well as being excellent to take on holiday with us in our tourer.  We had a good year in the show ring with Megi, always getting 1st or 2nd place in small classes. It's difficult having to have a handler for her as she is very close to her Mum, but Jane does her best to keep her attention in the ring, usually bribing her with nice food lol!

Now over two years of age in 2020 and both our girls have passed all their health tests for breeding. Our little Megi is just a delight to own, she is practically perfect in every way, not particularly a pack dog, she loves to be with you on her own. She loves her holidays away from the gang where she has our individual attention. This year with no shows to attend, we have spent more quality time away and she has enjoyed this much more. She is a madam and likes her own way but is just such a sweetheart that she gets away with it lol! She is a proper little lady, just like our old Elsa was and her daughter JuJu.

Coco is more of a tom boy, very robust and a big girl, she has no idea of her size and will come bowling right at you when out on a walk. She has matured beautifully, we couldn't be more happy with her.

Coco had her first litter on 30.11.2020, 11 healthy puppies. All reds and will be KC registered as Lion Gold red.

 We have not been successful in finding a male who carries the black  & Tan gene so her puppies will all be reds this time. We are looking for a very dark Sire who carries the gene so that she can have some black & Tan pups in the future. Meghan  will have her first litter in Summer 2021. 


Coco                                                                             Meghan

LPN 1  2 & Lemp, Clear by parentage                             LPN1, 2 & Lemp Clear by parentage

Hips: 2:3                                                                       Hips: 2:2

Elbows: 0:0                                                                   Elbows: 0:0

Eyes: HC Clear                                                              Eyes: HC Clear 

Gonioscopy: Low grade 2  -  23.02.20                           Gonioscopy Grade 1 - 23.02.20

Weight: 58kg                                                               Weight: 47kg      

Achievements of Meghan

January 15th  2020

Reserve  place PGB - 21 months old

Judge -  Mr T Ball

October 31st - Welsh Kennel Association 

2nd Junior Bitch - 18 months old

Judge - Mrs J Atkinson

Critique - Give me A Royal Princess at Pagency Ginger Heaven. A feminine head with sweet expression. Adequate length of                   neck Correct ratio of length to height. Level back with  nicely rounded rump. Compact loins. Stands parallel in front                   but a little wide. Presented in good coat and condition. Could not match the driving movement of my first. This is a                     nice bitch. I feel handler and bitch need more practice to get the best out of her.

August 31st City of Birmingham

2nd Junior Bitch - 15 months old

Judge - Mr A Doedjins



May 9th 2019 Birmingham Ch show

1st Puppy Bitch & BPIB - 12 months old

Judge - Mr Frank Kane

April 2019 WELKS

1st Puppy Bitch

Judge - Mr J Luscott

20th January 2019  Manchester Ch show

2nd place in MPB & qualified for Crufts

Judge - Mr Espen Engh

Critique- Give me a Royal Princess At Pagency Ginger Heaven. A compact bitch, well bodied. She lacks stop which gives her                  head a somewhat foreign impression. Good neck. Balanced angulation. Could do with some more bone. Pleasing outline,                but falls away too much over the croup and could move with more freedom both ends, however quite sound in front.                  Very good coat quality. Well developed for her age.

15th December 2018 - LKA Her 1st show at 7 months old

4th place in MPB

Judge - Helen Davenport-Willis

                    Pedigree of Coco                                                                           Pedigree of Meghan

       Promise Me a Pink Saphire at Pagency Ginger Heaven               Give me a Royal Princess at Pagency Ginger Heaven

        Sire - Belle Aimie's Body N'Soul Vom Dreimadlhaus                  Sire - Fejo Ager Trifolium

        Dam - Summer Dream of Enigma Ginger Heaven                         Dam - Summer Enigma's Heritage Ginger Heaven


Coco Black & Tan Leonberger
Leonberger at Pagency Leonbergers