Neo is available at limited stud to approved females

In December 2014, we travelled a 3000 mile return journey across Europe to Slovakia for our new import boy Neo. We have watched him grow from just a few days old and have been very excited waiting for the time for him to be able to complete his passport and come to England. We thank his breeder Zuzanna of the Kral'ovce kennel, for entrusting her precious baby in to our care and we promise to love and cherish him for the rest of his life. It was a great opportunity to meet his mother Alia, his Grandmother and his half sister Celine who both have beautiful temperaments, already we see a gentle temperament in Neo and this also seems to be the case with his Sire, Cipisek Coudy Leon Bohemia, in Czech Republic, we also wish to thank his owner Tereza and to congratulate her on her success with Coudy in Europe. He is now an International Champion.

Sadly Coudy passed away in 2019 at 10 years old.

This is a new and diverse pedigree that will work well with our girls, genetic diversity being a priority to us as breeders. We look forward to the future with this exceptional little boy who we love so much. It is always a gamble bringing in a male in the hope that he can be used in our breeding plans. Fortunately, he has passed all his health tests but most importantly, he was always going to be here  with us forever, that was our promise to his breeder and one that we would keep!

At his first Champion show at the tender age of seven months, Neo was placed first in a very strong Puppy class, he qualified for Crufts 2016 Throughout his first year in the ring, Neo was placed at every show entered and against some very good quality youngsters. In January 2016 he qualified for Crufts 2017, but he wasn't placed at his first time in the ring at Crufts that year.

 As a shorter male of 76cm at 3 years old, Neo has great movement, he loves working with Alan and they made a great team together while he was being shown. He was never overawed by the show ring, much preferring to be at home with his pack.

Neo is quiet in character, very friendly and loving, wanting kisses at bedtime, but he is aloof with strangers, needing time to weigh people up. He has no interest in anything outside his own family, he's very focused on us and won't leave our side when out on a walk.  He is lovely to have around and is a very strong pack member but not dominant with the others. He is superb with the new youngsters that have arrived after him, he loves to teach them the ropes.  One of four boys, he will only squabble over girlie perfume.

Neo has produced 5 litters with our own girls and they have some very nice puppies. In particular, the heads have been superb, good length of leg and great bone. With this combination of genetics, they seem to have produced mostly tall puppies so far. In 2016, Hele & Neo had the largest UK litter of 18 pups born, 17 live. There are many photos of Neo's offspring in our 2017, 2018 & 2019  gallery.


In August 2018, Neo  also sired a litter of 8 puppies at Bergleerson Leonbergers. In April 2019, he  produced 10 puppies to the same Dam.

We hope to use Neo perhaps once more at stud to our own girl  Coco. Both are imports from Europe with good genetics and qualities to bring to the breed.

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Sire: Cipisek Coudy Leon Bohemia

Dam: Alia Alba Leon Kral'ovce


D.O.B 16/08/14


LPN1 & 2 Clear

LEMP Clear

Eyes clear - October 2016

Hips: 2 : 3 = 5

Elbows: 0 : 0

Height:  75cm

Weight:  65kg



                                              Achievement's of Neo


10th December LKA Ch show 2017


Judge - Mrs S Sevastopulo

25th June Blackpool 2017


Judge - Mr Peter Jolley

22nd July  Leeds 2016

3rd Place

Judge - Barry Croft

26th June Blackpool 2016

2nd place PGD in a very strong class of 10.

Judge- Frank Kane

Critique -

10th June 2016 Three counties

Not placed

Judge Andrew Brace



6th May 2016 Birmingham National

3rd place PGD

Judge - Dr Goran Bodegard

12th March 2016  Crufts

Not placed

Judge - Steve Hall


16th January 2016  Manchester Ch show

2nd Place - Junior Dog

Judge - Mrs Glenda Smith

Critique - 2 Page's Darco Leon Kral'ovce Of Pagency. 17 mths, quite mature young man with a nice head, dark mask, eyes of good shape and colour, well off for bone and has a good top and underline, well balanced, sound on the move but could move with more vigour.

25th October  Midland Counties Ch show

3rd Place- Junior Dog

Judge - Julia Strudwick


26th July 2015 Leeds Champ Show

2nd Place Puppy Dog

Judge - Mrs M Wildman

Critique - 2 Page's Darco Leon Kral'ovce Of Pagency (Imp). Another nice boy of 11 mths with typical head with correct ratio of muzzle to skull and good eyes and ears. He had a shapely well covered frame that was slightly longer than high but just a tad dippy at present and not as firm as winner. He moved steadily but was not handled to advantage.


24th May 2015 Bath Champ Show
2nd Place Puppy Dog
Judge- Mrs S Pollock-Yule

Critique - Promising boy, a bit roly poly under a harsh strand of coat which disguised his true profile, very good forehand and strong quarters and went smoothly.

20th May 2015 Kennel Club Bronze Award

25th April 2015 WELKS

MPD 1st place - Crufts qualifier 2016
PD Ist place
Judge - Jennie Davie

Critique: Presented a good outline. Head developing well. Correctly set ears, super eyes. Plenty of bone and good feet. Well laid back shoulders, strong rear enabling him to move with drive.

15th April 2015 KCGC Awards - Puppy Foundation

        Neo Crufts 2016 Not Placed

Photo curtesy of Andrew & Pauline Simmonds

16th January 2016

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