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Our Previous Litters 2010 - 2022

For pedigree click on title of litter

We have listed all Puppies from our breeding who have sadly passed away over the years, and the reason for their loss. Click on the link below:


Litter 19       21.03.2023
       4 males & 6 Females
Megsul litter_edited.jpg

 Pagency Megsul Litter

Mr Sultan of Swing Bertusowy Gaj &

Promise Me A Pink Saphire Ginger Heaven

Pagency Megsul Tessa

Pagency Megsul Bear

Pagency Megsul Daenerys

Pagency Megsul Shelley

Pagency Megsul River

Pagency Megsul May Bell

Pagency Megsul Bronte

Pagency Megsul Percy

Pagency Megsul Teddy

Pagency Megsul Barney

Coco Sultan 2022.jpeg

Litter 18         05.09.2022                           Pagency Cosul Litter 

Mr Sultan Of Swing Bertusowy Gaj
Promise Me A Pink Diamond Ginger Heaven (Coco)

Pagency Cosul Winnie 
Pagency Cosul Indi
Pagency Cosul Harley
Pagency Cosul Julz
Pagency Cosul Loki
Pagency Cosul Chief
Pagency Cosul Crown Jewel


2 Males & 5 Females COI 3.76% 10 Gen

Litter 17           28.11.2021                      Pagency Megsul Litter
Birth photo web.jpg
            1 Male,  5 Females  COI 4.45% 10 Gen

Mr Sultan Of Swing Bertusowy Gaj

Give Me A Royal Princess Ginger Heaven


     Pagency Megsul Miracle

     Pagency Megsul Ariya

     Pagency Megsul Candy

     Pagency Megsul Bodhi

     Pagency Megsul Billie

     Pagency Megsul Roxy

Litter 16          22.12.2020             Pagency Finholly Litter

Holly litter 16.jpeg

Pagency Noel's Vianoce &

Finnley, repeat of 2019

2 Females COI 2.44%  10 Gen

Pagency Finholly Flame

Pagency Finholly Tia

Litter 15                30.11.2020               Pagency Neco Litter

Coco - Promise Me A Pink Diamond At Pagency Ginger Heaven & 

Neo - Darco Leon Kral'ovce Of Pagency

14 pups born, 11 live

6 Male & 5 Female  COI 2.90% 10 Gen

Coco Litter 1-001.jpg

Pagency Neco Dylan

Pagency Neco Dembe

Pagency Neco Guido

Pagency Neco Otis

Pagency Neco Nero

Pagency Neco Bella

Pagency Neco Carys

Pagency Neco Elsa

Pagency Neco Belinda

Pagency Neco Hoxa

Pagency Neco Anna RIP baby Miska  07.05.2021

Litter 14                 30.11.2019  Pagency Finholly Litter

Holly's (Pagency Noel's Vianoce first litter with Finnley (Jantonely Private Finn)

11 pups born, 10 live

3 Male & 7 Female   COI 2.44% 10 Generations

Advert Holly-001.jpg

Pagency Finholly Darla 

Pagency Finholly Ruban

Pagency Finholly Jaeger

Pagency Finholly Cora

Pagency Finholly Vixen 

Pagency Finholly Colin

Pagency Finholly Sasha

Pagency Finholly Milly

Pagency Finholly Simba

Pagency Finholly Bonnie

Litter 13                11.06.2019   Pagency Finkin Litter

Nikita (Pagency Noel's Natala) first litter with Finnley (Jantonely Private Finn)

9 pups born, 8 live

3 Male & 5 Female  COI 2.44%  10 Generations

Nikita  2019.jpg

Pagency Finkin Adorable     - Nala

Pagency Finkon Amazing     - Isla

Pagency Finkin Wonderful  - Connie 

Pagency Finkin Beautiful    - Oomka

Pagency Finkin Precious    -  Benson

Pagency Finkin Incredible -  Minnie 

Pagency Finkin Fabulous    -  Scapa

Pagency Finkin Awesome   -  Kiba

Pagency Kiszar Zara second litter with Bruin, (Machk Bruin Du Plateau Baverois)

9 pups born

6 Male & 3 Female  COI 4.43% 10 generations


Pagency Leos Bizarre Bizar - Cosmo

Pagency Leos Really Bizar   - Zeus

Pagency Leos Most Bizar    - Sooty

Pagency Leos How Bizar     - Zack  13.10.22

Pagency Leos Very Bizar    -  Ash

Pagency Leos So Bizar       -  Freyja

Pagency Leos Truly Bizar   -  Amber

Pagency Leos Eva Bizar      -  Eva

Pagency Leos Just Bizar    -  Dug 

Hele's 2nd litter 11 pups born   COI 3.12%

5 Males & 6 Females

Pagency Leos Ursaring - Mara

Pagency Leos Altaria    - Peaches

Pagency Leos Pokémon  - Saxon

Pagency Leos Raikou     - Morgana

Pagency Leos Charmander - Ora

Pagency Leos Teddiursa  - Ted

Pagency Leos Blissy        - Betsie

Pagency Leos Gyrados    - Gus

Pagency Leos Chansey    - Denzel

Pagency Leos Vitribelle  - Kemba

Pagency Leos Balbasar    - Merlin 

Tasha's 2nd litter, 14 born, 3 males lost   COI 3.12%

Total 11, of 6 Males & 5 Females

Pagency Nesta Babylon   -  Bella

Pagency Nesta Midnight    - Nelly

Pagency Nesta Jamaica     - Cleopatra

Pagency Nesta Buffalo Bob - Baloo

Pagency Nesta Soul Rebel  - Charlie

Pagency Nesta Lion Zion    - Buck

Pagency Nesta Rastaman   - Wynston

Pagency Nesta Jammin      - Maddie

Pagency Nesta Marley       - Monty

Pagency Nesta Stir it up   - Nala

Pagency Nesta Reggae      - Finley

Litter 9 

A great litter of 10 puppies for Zara's first litter. 12 were born but two lost.

7 Male & 3 Female.        COI 2.75%

Pagency Zano Raffael - Barley

Pagency Zano Kimba

Pagency Zano Bodhi 

Pagency Zano Labky - Loki

Pagency Zano The Lion King

Pagency Zano Emoji - Poppy

Pagency Zano Zampa

Pagency Zano Venus - Maude

Pagency Zano Prince George - Barney

Pagency Zano Taran

Litter 8 13.12.2016      The Noel Litter
An exceptional litter of 18 pups and the largest litter born to one Dam in the UK to date. 17 puppies live,    1 stillborn.   COI 3.12%

Pagency Noel's Holly 

Pagency Noel's Santa Claus - Bear

Pagency Noel's Olaf

Pagency Noel's Rudolph - Bash 

Pagency Noel's Dasher 

Pagency Noel's Twinkle - Hellie

Pagency Noel's Dancer -Oscar

Pagency Noel's Star - Willow

Pagency Noel's Grinch - Nero

Pagency Noel's Angel

Pagency Noel's Natala - Nikita

Pagency Noel's Ember

Pagency Noel's Nazareth  Bo Bear 18.01.21   

Pagency Noel's Frosty

Pagency Noel's Vianoce - Holly

Pagency Noel's Tashia

Pagency Noel's Gift

Litter 7 30.06.2016


Sire: Darco Leon Kral'ovce of Pagency


Dam: Pagency Gdynia Tasha

D.O.B 30/06/2016

3 Males

5 Females

COI 3.12%

        The Tishno Litter 2016

Pagency Tishno Chewbacca - Chewie

Pagency Tishno Mufassa - Moofy  29.09.22

Pagency Tishno Teddy Bear - Teddy

Pagency Tishno Justus Dolly -Dolly

Pagency Tishno Honey Babe -Honey Bear

RIP 25.10.2021

Pagency Tishno Jaja Bear - Luna 25.01.2022

Pagency Tishno Luna Bear - Luna

Pagency Tishno Snoopy Bear - Snoopy

Litter 6 07.03.2014


Sire: Lyonechka of the Bernese Garden At Oldholbans


Dam: Pagency Kisfa Kiki

5 Females
4 Males
COI 10Gen = 3.56%
41 Gen = 27.49
1200 Unique Ancestors

         The Galapagos Litter

Pagency Kimarl Genovesa - Dora 19.05.2022
Pagency Kimarl Isabella - Pepper 08.09.2022
Pagency Kimarl Santiago - Kiara 07.2021
Pagency Kimarl Fernandia - Roxy
Pagency Kimarl Marchena - Aslan 
RIP 08.08.20
Pagency Kimarl Archipelago - Dave 19.01.2022
Pagency Kimarl Ecuador- Mac - 09.01.2023
Pagency Kimarl Cristobal - Sonia
Pagency Kimarl Galapagos - Chevy RIP 01.02.2021


Very sadly, we have lost 4 of these pups to bone cancer at ages 8-9 years. Our only litter with more than one passed to this terrible disease.  All but one survived a year following diagnosis. Kiara had amputation and lived 13 extra months. Thank you to all their owners for providing us with this very important information.
Superb owners and friends, Jill, Emma & Roy, Yulia & Ron, Mel & Jonathan, thank you 🙏

Bavaruki High Jinxs At Pagency (Siska)
Khaimas' Saturday Ducky (Zaraki)
27/09/08 75kg 79cm LPN1 N/N clear
COI is 10 Gen 5.40% - over 38Gen - 26.61%
1084 unique ancestors

4 males 4 females


      The Pagency Kiszar Litter 

Pagency Kiszar Italia - Minnie
Pagency Kiszar Alessandra - Margot 05.06.22
Pagency Kiszar Brunelli - Bentley  17.07.20
Pagency Kiszar Maurizio - Wolfie  25.01.2023
Pagency Kiszar Luigi - Odin  05.23
Pagency Kiszar Franchesco  RIP Beastie 22.06.20
Pagency Kiszar Zara RIP Zara 15.09.2020
Pagency Kiszar Allegra - 25.02.2024 age 10 1/2

A succesful litter of lovely dogs, 4 still with us at 9 years old, 2022
Lifelong and wonderful friends from this litter, Jane & Kath , thank you 💕
The last puppy to 
leave was Allegra at the grand age of 10 1/2. Many thanks to Janice & Matt for the many updates over the years. Beautiful litter all sadly over the rainbow 2024, never forgotten 🌈


Bavaruki High Jinks At Pagency
Knockando's Swedish Roussillon (Pl)

9 Puppies born 5 males, 4 females

COI 3.24%


            Pagency Gdynia Litter 

Pagency Gdynia Puzzle Lpn1 D/N  06.03.2021
Pagency Gdynia Magic Lpn1 Clear 
Pagency Gdynia Helen Lpn1 D/N 07.12.2020
Pagency Gdynia Emerald Lpn1 Clear 14.06.18
Pagency Gdynia Tasha Lpn1 D/N 10.01.2022
Pagency Gdynia Aslan Lpn1 Clear  01.12.2022
Pagency Gdynia Tumnus Lpn1 D/N ?/ 07/13
Pagency Gdynia Gwendoline Lpn1 D/N
Pagency Gdynia Harpa Lpn1 D/N 06/04/18

This litter is the one that we will take forward for the future. Blighted only by the owners of Jenson, Jackie & Michael Scott (Kent) who put to sleep our 14 month old puppy.
All others have enjoyed good and healthy lives. Our 3 that we kept all lived to at least 10, Aslan 10y, 9m Our longest lived of all our Leonbergers.
Screenshot 2022-12-24 at 19.14.33.png

Vectiseleon Mandisa At Pagency (Elsa) &


HD- B Eyes clear

COI All 38 Generations 29.05%      977 Unique ancestors
COI 10 Generations 5.39%

4 Male  4 Female

       Pagency Zelba Litter


Pagency Zelba's Topaz - Grayson 05.09.18
Pagency Zelba's Pink Diamond - Delilah 2019

Pagency Zelba's Amythist - Amadeus  12.11.22
Pagency Zelba's Saphire - Molly - 27.01.2023
Pagency Zelba's Crown Jewel - Julz 11.04.2022 
Pagency Zelba's Solitaire - Bear 04.01.2019

Our own Julz lived until 10y, 7m, while two have reached their 11th Birthday
The oldest was Molly who reached the grand age of 11y, 5m.


Bavaruki High Jinxs At Pagency
Faro Van Het Wallenhof

12 July 2010 12 puppies born
9 females & 3 males


COI 4.9% 10 gen


           Pagency Kisfa Litter


Pagency Kisfa Andre - Dennis      22.10.2021

Pagency Kisfa Kiki - Kiki                   09.07.18

Pagency Kisfa Enrique - Monster    03.12.2020

Pagency Kisfa Rhianna - Beau         09.09.2020
Pagency Kisfa Chico - Zeus               16.08.2022

Pagency Kisfa Gabriella Pandora.    15.10.2019
Pagency Kisfa Anastasia - Nellie     ?.04.2019
Pagency Kisfa Katie - Kizzy              28.09.2021
Pagency Kisfa Karly - Phoebe          25.07.19
Pagency Kisfa Jamelia - Leah          08.04.2021
Pagency Kisfa Kalice - Kyra.             ????          
Pagency Kisfa GaGa - Aurora          26.07.2020

 8 of this litter reached 10 years of age, the last pup, Zeus lived to the grand old age of 12 years, 1 month.
All owners stayed in touch 
except 1, Kyra, owner Lisa Green. Thank you to all other owners, we are so grateful for updates over the years.

Vectiseleon Mandisa at Pagency (Elsa) &


11 Puppies  6 Male & 5 Female

COI 5% 10 Gen

            Pagency Primera Litter 


Pagency Primera Volchitsa  Vola      14.09.19

Pagency Primera Martes   Max      ?.04.2018
Pagency Primera Fortuna  Alaska    18.10.201
Pagency Primera Bearnardo  Bear  ??.02.2022
Pagency Primera Javier   Jasper     28.06.20
Pagency Primera Cassicas   Eve       ?.12.2018
Pagency Primera Archena  Duke       28.03.15
Pagency Primera Torres   Nando     ?.01.2021
Pagency Primera Nevara   Neva        10.02.17
Pagency Primera Agustino  Josh       10.09.17
Pagency Primera Kalendas  Jessie     17. 09.21


Most pups were quite long lived, the oldest almost 12 years.  The worst litter of owners for not keeping in touch, Julie Haigh-Nando & Ian Ridgway-Bear. Thank you to all others.
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