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Tasha & Neo puppies arrived on 14th November  2017

14 puppies born of which we have 11 live

All puppies are reserved

Darco Leon Kral'ovce Of Pagency

Sire: Coudy Kipisek Leon Bohemia

Dam: Alia Alba Leon Kral'ovce

D.O.B 16/08/14


LPN1 & 2 Clear

LEMP Clear

Eyes clear - 25/10/15

Hips: 2 : 3 = 5

Elbows: 0 : 0

Weight: 69kg

Height: 76cm


Pagency Gdynia Tasha

Sire: Knockando's Swedish Roussillon

Dam: Bavaruki High Jinks At Pagency

D.O.B 09.03.2012

Eyes Clear - 09.07.17

Hips: 7 : 0 = 7

Elbows: 0 : 0


LPN2 Clear

Weight: 65kg

Height: 76cm

Puppy News

17th November

Tasha's puppies are now 3 days old and all are gaining weight and doing well, very healthy pups.

What a surprise to have another big litter of 14, and she had an easy whelping with the first four arriving within half an hour. It's always sad to lose any puppies and 3 boys didn't make it.

Now we concentrate on the 11 little ones, which is more than enough for any new Mum.

22nd November

Puppies are now  one week old and  are getting bigger by the day, Mum has plenty of milk for these greedy little ones and they guzzle until they are fit to burst. They are  crawling around the whelping box already, heads in the air at the smell of Mum if she is close by, but they are super fast, and photos have proved very difficult this week,  we just about managed to get some decent shots in between feeds. Very lively, healthy and demanding, just normal one week old puppies. more news at 2 weeks old.

29th November

New photos now added as the clan reach two weeks old. This is a very energetic litter,  while only crawling, they can do so at incredible speed, meaning that the photo shoot has to be done over the course of the day. Their little lungs are working perfectly too so no worries there lol! All eyes are now open, deep blue eyes captured  beautifully in a few photos, this is such a precious time. We can only imagine what they feel when those eyes begin to take in their surroundings, lights, colourful teddies, the TV screen with moving objects; it must be exciting for them as they have only been able to follow scent up until now. Today, some have gazed adoringly at Mum as she washed them and took in herself, their progress. Tasha is a great Mum, so proud of her babies, but she is no doubt a diva who  demands her human slaves see to her every whim! Exhausting!

Tomorrow we begin the food weaning as they try their first taste of minced beef, this is where it gets messy, we will all be wearing beef for a few days. More news and photos next week.

11th December

Apologies for late updates, it's just incredibly busy now these little ones are on solid food, which they started at Day 16. Needless to say that today, 28 days old, they have really piled on the weight and still doing very well. They are now out of the whelping box and roaming the conservatory, they do like their new found freedom, and the cold tiles for their little hot bellies. Even in such cold weather that we are now having, they space out when they get too warm and moan if others come in to their chosen spot. They prefer soft toys to cuddle up to rather than each other, so we regulate the room accordingly.

At four weeks old they are ready for human contact and attention, they do enjoy coming out to have individual fuss, which they get plenty of, not only from us but our many visitors.

Tasha continues to be the doting Mother, but those little teeth have begun to peep through the gums so  she won't be long before she refuses to feed them.

They are now KC registered, we are just waiting for the names to be approved. The theme is Bob Marley, which is why this is the Nesta litter; it was luck that we made this name from Tasha & Neo.

More news and photos before Christmas.

22nd December

Puppies are doing incredibly well, enjoying their many visitors and eating us out of house and home lol!

Their cheeky little characters are beginning to show through as they play with each other, and cry when they get bitten or they want our attention. Their sense of smell is perfect as they awake the very moment that food appears; eager to devour every mouthful of their delicious foods. Now on beef, tripe and chicken with lamb bones and also adding in ground Gentle kibble, they adapted to new tastes very quickly and without any tummy upset. Sleeping through the night is much  easier, they are contented puppies once their little bellies are full to bursting, and give us no problems until 7am when they awake to the smell of their Mum and their early morning drink of milk. Very soon they will be completely weaned but we allow Mum to dictate this when she is ready and so far, she is still happy to go in and feed her brood. Tasha has been an excellent Mummy and we are very proud of her 2nd and last contribution to the world of Leonbergers. Merry Christmas to all new Mum's and Dad's, your little babies will soon be home to share the New Year with you and your families. Love and Best Wishes from all of us xxx


14th January

Our last update and photos of all our puppies in their new homes. Another super litter from Tasha & Neo, so very proud of them all. It was a mixture of sadness and happiness all rolled in to one, as they began to leave us for their forever homes over the New Year.

With lots of updates, it's so good to hear that most of them have settled in very well and are firm members of their new families, with one cheeky monkey who is quite vocal according to him Mum lol!

Our house is quiet again and it takes some getting used to, not having those gorgeous little furry balls to cuddle and spend time with,  not to mention the creeping around, trying not to wake them up as we walk by. Yet again, we have been blessed with more lovely owners who we know will be good friends in the future, thank you so much for all the super updates and fabulous photos, some of which have had us in fits of laughter and we have added most of them in our photo gallery. We send our love and best wishes to everyone and look forward to seeing our babies grow up in to fine Leonbergers in the near future. Further photos will appear in our new 2018 Gallery page.

Puppy Gallery

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