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Pagency Gdynia Helen

Sire: Knockando's Swedish Roussillon

Dam: Bavaruki High Jinxs At Pagency

DOB: 09/03/2012


Hele is sister to Aslan and Tasha, all three are from our long drive to the Tri City Gdynia in Northern Poland on the Baltic coast. We will always be grateful to Christina & Bronek for this super opportunity, our Pole kids are just wonderful in every way.

Hele is so much like her Brother in her demeanour, laid back and chilled, friends with everyone and also like her Mum Siska, in that she is high maintenance for attention.

Hele has been shown lightly and has always done well in the ring being placed in the top three and has been to Crufts where she gained a second place in a strong class. She is rather lazy and was losing out on 1st place due to not lifting up her head while on the run.

We had a first litter with Hele & Neo in December 2016 producing 18 puppies, 17 live. The biggest litter in the UK to date. We kept Holly & Nikita for our future breeding.

Her second litter in April 2018 was a little smaller at only 11 puppies! We took one of them to her new home in Cornwall where Hele also met her son from her first litter. Although not in the best coat condition, she thoroughly enjoyed her well deserved holiday and we enjoyed some quality time with her as well. She went on to have two more holidays in 2018 where she and her Sister Tasha enjoyed all the attention in the bars that we went to. Good as gold and a pleasure to be with.

Hele is now retired from breeding and although she has all the qualities for the show ring, she is just too lazy and couldn't be bothered with all that fuss. She is happy for the youngsters to go and have a good day out while she rests at home with a nice big juicy bone. If Hele could get in to our skin, she would, she is so loving and tender to the point of annoyance. She has enjoyed good health for all her life and now in her 8th year, she has slowed down somewhat, as Leonbergers do at this age. She still enjoys a little holiday and a nice stroll on the beach in summer. Hele is now a Grandma to Nikita's eight pups born in June 2019 & Holly's pups November 2019.

Reaching 8 years old in March 2020, she is  still in great health and doing well despite her LPN1 status of D/N, sister Tasha just the same. We are so lucky to still have 3 pups from the same litter alive at this age.

Very sadly, we lost Hele 07.12.2020. she had been poorly for two weeks with Vestibular syndrome, she became dizzy suddenly and had difficulty walking. It was inflammation of the brain brain and untreatable so we had no choice but to give her our last gift of love and let her go in peace. Hele was a wonderful girl throughout her life, she loved our many holidays together. She gave us some super puppies and our memories of her will never fade, she is never far from our thoughts and lives on in our puppies. RIP our beautiful Helebobs 💕🌈



Photo Gallery below:



Hele - Eyes clear - Oct 2017

LPN1 - D/N Carrier
LPN2 - N/N Clear

LEMP - Clear
Hips - 3 : 2 = 5
Elbows 0 : 0

Height: 77cm

Weight: 72kg



 Achievements of Hele


December 2nd 2013

KCGC Silver Award


November 17th 2013

Liverpool Kennel Aassociation

2nd place PG
Judge: Mr. Steven Atkinson

July 29th 2013 KCGC Bronze Award

March 10th 2013

2nd place Special puppy bitch
Judge - Mrs Helen Davenport Willis
Critique - Liked her make & shape but did not help herself in her individual as she lacked enthusiasm, bigger than one. Feminine head, lovely neck, long upper arm & very good shoulder placement, calm. laid back individual.

November 11th 2012

Leonberger Club Champ show
MPB Reserve
Judge -

September 15th 2012

Darlington Champ show
MPB 2nd place
PB 2nd place
Judge Mrs J King
Critique -




Photo Gallery for Hele


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