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Pagency Gdynia Aslan
Aslan 2022.jpeg

2022 - 10y & 4m


2022 - Holiday home 

lap dog _edited.jpg
2015 - Lap dog 

2022 - He loves his holibobs with Sultan

Aslan 3rd Aug 2021.jpg

2021 - 9 1/2 years young, enjoying the good life

2018 - With Merlin his son
Merlin _edited.jpg
2019 - A great teacher
2020 - With Sultan
2021 - Happy Place
2016 - Crufts

Sire: Knockando's Swedish Roussillon

Dam: Bavaruki High Jinxs At Pagency

DOB: 09/03/2012


Aslan - Eyes clear - Gonioscopy Pass - 09/03/13
HIps - 4 : 4 = 8
Elbows 0 : 0
LPN1 - N/N Clear

LPN2 - Clear

LEMP - Clear
Height - 81cm
Weight - 68kg


In January 2012, we drove to the Baltic Coast in Poland for our lovely Siska to be mated to Sweedy. It was a very long journey but well worth the effort.


Aslan is very laid back and calm, fazed by nothing and so chilled and happy, very typical of both Siska and Sweedy.  He has an amazing character, huge personality and a great sense of humour, he loves nothing better than to play about and act the clown, (even in the ring) The only Leonberger we have seen who can excel in dressage, but just for fun...  He is too relaxed to show any dominance and is happy to let the girls take charge. Young Neo is his favourite of all our dogs, taking Aslan to Slovakia to bring home his new charge meant that they bonded very early on during that very long trek across Europe. Neo can take a bone from his mouth, he is such a lovely boy and we are very proud of him.

He is very friendly with both people and other dogs, we cannot fault his temperament at all.  He also has great height, good mask and substance but not the best mover, he will always be beaten in the ring by the shorter dogs who have better movement, very much like Neo.

He is one gorgeous big fluff ball and we love him to bits

He  qualified for Crufts 2013, 2014,  2015 & 2016. It was a pleasure to see him stroll around the big ring having fun with his Dad. It was brought to our attention at LKA show 2017, that Aslan had a mouth fault, which had been caused through a bad infection following a squabble, so after this, we decided to end his show career.

In 2014, Aslan sired his first litter of 13 puppies, 11 live.

2019 he was used again and had four puppies.

In 2020 and 8 1/2 years old, Aslan is doing incredibly well, In great health and not at all like an older dog, he still has energy and great enthusiasm for everything. 

2021 - Sadly we haven't had a puppy from Aslan but not all is lost; he has a lovely son who is now in breeding.

At 9 1/2 he is still in great health, just starting to show a little grey on his muzzle.  He has always gone on holiday a few times a year and has enjoyed many super experiences. He has been very lucky since April, having been on holiday continuously as he enjoys his retirement along with his Dad. We dare not say the word HOLIDAY in the house as he gets over excited and will not settle until he's on the road 😂. He has been an incredible companion throughout his life and an absolute joy to live with. He is loving life without a doubt and long may it continue 🤞

2022- Reached 10 years in March. Aslan has had an abscess on his back for a while which won't heal. Another developed under his tail and at one point we were looking at amputation but the infection was controlled. He is losing muscle mass this year but is still very well in himself and absolutely loves his holidays. From April - August, he has been away quite a lot. We just hope and pray that we have more time to enjoy this fabulous boy who has enriched our lives so much in his 10 !/2 years.

on 1st December 2022, Aslan sadly passed away. he was 10y, 9m, the oldest of all our Leonbergers to date. The abscess under his tail was annoying him for the first time, he was hardly able to sit down comfortably. He also  went off his legs quite suddenly, although he had arthritis for some time.

The most wonderful gentleman, loved by everyone, never put a paw wrong in his whole life, an honour to own. There will never be another Aslan. RIP our darling boy 🧡🌈



Aslans Achievements:

December 2017 LKA His last show.

No place in PGD 

Judge Sarah Sevastopulo

25th April 2015 WELKS
PGD - 3rd place - Crufts Qualifier 2016
Jennie Davie

6th March 2015 CRUFTS
PGD - No place
Judge - Albert Wight

13th December 2014 LKA Ch Show
Post Graduate Dog - 2nd Place - Crufts Qualifier 2015
Judge Mrs Kathy Hay

6th March 2014 CRUFTS
PGD - No place
Joan Rushby

26th January 2014 Lichfield open show
Post Graduate - 2nd & RBOB
Judge - Wendy Sculthorpe

17th January 2014 Manchester CH Show
Post Graduate Class - 3rd Crufts Qualifier - 2014
Judge - Sue Garner

28th December 2013 Ashbourne & Destrict Canine Society
Post Graduate Class - 1st & BOB
Judge - Tracey Hall

20th May 2013 KCGC Silver Award

17th November 2013 Liverpool Kennel Association
Post Graduate Class - 1st Place
Judge - Mr Steven Atkinson

10th March 2013 Crufts

VHC Special puppy dog
Judge - Mrs H Davenport Willis

26th January 2013 Lichfield Canine Society open show
Junior class VHC
Best Puppy In Breed
Judge - Daniel Roberts

11th November 2012 Leonberger Club of Great Britain
MPD 3rd place - Crufts Qualifier 2013
Judge - Mrs J Hammond

15th September 2012 Darlington Champ show
MPD 2nd place
PD 3rd Place
Judge - Mrs J King


As 2020.jpg
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