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Pagency Kimarl Genovesa

Every one of our dogs are important family members who are dearly loved. We claim with great pride that they live with us forever.

In 2015, and after our 13th Leonberger, one exception arose. 


Our home bred Dora, daughter of Kiki, suddenly began to dislike a couple of our other girls, Julz in particular who has never been in our breeding programme. We had quite a tense year, having always had a close pack who have always lived together with ease. Having witnessed other breeders having to house different groups of  dogs who couldn't get along with each other, we always said that seperate groups were not an option for us. They have to live together.

The tension increased to the point that Dora was unhappy and poor Julz was terrified of her. For the first time in nine years, there was no choice but to separate Dora who loved to be with her Mum and the boys. She was perfect to take out, she displayed no problems whatsoever, very sociable with other dogs, it was only with certain other girls at home.

After much deliberation, we took her to stay in Cornwall with her brother Mac, to see how she would behave there in different situations. Dora was perfect, she settled very quickly so we agreed to leave her there  for a trial period.  It has been a heart breaking decision to make, but we are very happy and confident to make this a permanent arrangement and we know that this was the best thing  we could have done for Dora. Her well being and happiness takes priority over everything else, seeing her so at ease and happy in her new home is  wonderful and we thank Emma and Roy so much for giving her a very loving home where she is adored by them all.  The vision of her walking away with them was mixed with sadness and happiness, she never even looked back, we had no doubt that this was absolutely the best solution. Sadly Dora is no longer in our breeding plans; but it is far more rewarding knowing that she now has the most wonderful future ahead of her and in the most beautiful part of the country, with daily beach walks with her brother Mac, who also loves his new buddy. Dora has  been gifted to two wonderful, loving people who we know will love her forever and will also bring her home to see us every year, we wish them all the very best for the future and give our sincere thanks to both Roy &  Emma.

In May 2017, Dora and her family came to see us, the first visit since she moved to Cornwall. In July, we went to visit her in her new home and it was lovely to see both Dora and Mac so happy.

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