Our News Updates

September 5th

Incredibly proud to get 3 of our Pagency Zelba's pups to 10 years of age today and all doing ok.

We are so proud of our own JuJu to reach such a grand age. She has had Laryngeal Polyneuropathy for 3 years but has been a slow progression. She has always been a happy girly and she  knows that she is the oldest here and gets preferential treatment. She demands it and she deserves it lol!

Let's hope they are still all hear to see another year 🤞Love to all our babies 🥰



September 1st 

It has come to our attention that a boy from our breeding, Pagency Noel's Olaf ( Hector)  who resides in Bootle, Liverpool, may have been used to Sire a litter of pups. Having had a very good relationship with his Polish owners for nearly five years, it is very disappointing to learn that he has been used without our permission and without any health testing as far as we know. His owners have denied that he is the Sire.

We would advise anyone not to purchase a puppy from non health tested parents. They cannot be KC registered as he has endorsements on his KC registration. We do not condone this type of breeding.

Our own health tested boys have only been used to produce full pedigree Leonbergers and to health tested females.


August 3rd

We have always carried out and supported health testing for breeding the Leonberger.

Many years ago, before the gonioscopy became mandatory, we had reason to re-test one of our girls on professional advice. We have since believed it to be a flawed test, although we have still followed protocol to test our dogs and had no problems ourselves since that experience.

Other breeders who have failed this test, have questioned this result and have gone on to have a pass for breeding. This is concerning, especially when the chief eye specialist uses a different method than other opthalmologists. We were also advised that temperature of a room can affect a result. It has been proven time and again that it is not a reliable test.

We have always carried out Hip & elbows scores as part of the code of ethics for breeding.

During 2020, advice was given to a breeder on social media by a member of the health committee, to breed a female who had high hip scores, based on Estimated Breeding Values. This means, based on the history of the ancestors, which all had  scores within the code of ethics for breeding. It was accepted by all parties that one breeding would go ahead and would not go against the code of ethics laid down by the LCGB.

This brings in to question, does it matter if a dog fails the hip or elbow scores? and if this is case, based on EBV, should we miss a generation of testing if we are going to ignore those scores of a high tested dog and breed them anyway? In the past, breeders have simply not bred from that dog.

It wasn't made clear if this advice was acceptable for all breeders but the advisor had used this get out of jail card in the past?


July 12th

Happy 11th Birthday wishes to the remaining 4 pups from Siska & Faro. Sadly we have lost four since they were 10 last year, they are from a litter of 12 born 12.07 2010. Have the most wonderful day 💕

We understand that our boy Neo has recently come under fire regarding the amount of pups that he has sired. This surprisingly from someone who was informing  me not so long ago about severe neglect & cruelty to dogs belonging to another breeder who had failed to get veterinary care for them. One having untreated cancer of the foot and unable to walk. That wasn't written about on facebook, it was hushed by several people in the breed who were involved at that time. As was the incident of the false eye certificate by another breeder, never to be mentioned again. It would seem that the amount of pups had by Neo is worse than the above situation to some people! Is is just coincidence that she has teamed up with our old enemy? as it appears she has decided to join the bully gang. Another turncoat. I don't understand why people who are in contact with you on a one to one basis, then go on to criticise you in front of an audience, behind your back?

  I will happily put the record straight. The figures quoted to people and on social media are incorrect, as 3 of his litters have not yet been recorded. For a Sire, it is not the amount of pups he has but the amount of pups who go in to the breeding pool. The figure for this is stated as 5% of the total number, so as only 3 of Neo's pups have gone in to breeding, one of which had only one litter and no pups went further into breeding, so this number is around 2%, way below the average. When criticising us to people, these facts also need to be given or it is a misrepresentation of information. Neo has two more litters to Sire and his total will be around 14 litters by then. What is incredible, is that many British born Sires have Sired many more litters than this over the years, one in particular sired 32 litters but has never been criticised on social media. It's not what breeders do or don't do, as it seems acceptable for some but not for others. Double standards?

Neo also sired 18 pups in one litter with Hele, he then went on to sire a further 10 pups with her, 28 pups in total to one female, not 18 as was stated on facebook.

This began in November last year when I criticised on this website about two LCGB breeders for advertising litters when they had no pups for sale. They did admit on a group that they were only advertising to show a lower price than others who had add's on a free site.  I clearly stated that they had written LCGB in their adds.This person is not a LCGB member as far as I know so it was clear that my comments had nothing to do with her. She did go on to falsely advertise though, after my update. 

Sadly, although some of the committee are prevalent commenters on facebook, not one condoned this behaviour.

Having 4 litters in a one year period is far more financially rewarding than 1 or 2 litters, even if there is a price difference in puppies. Can anyone do basic Maths?

Also, do not ever again give my contact details to any other insurance company to get yourself a £50 recommendation bonus, as happened last year by this expedient person

For the last 11 years since we started breeding and stepped away from two people in the breed and a hanger on, who we felt we needed to be free of; it has been the most hostile and mentally challenging environment to be in. Every single incident and comment we can trace back to this origin. One person calling the other dangerous, one wanting the RSPCA involved for cruelty, advising us to have nothing to do with one of them and calling another a puppy farmer. A supposed best friend calling the other a compulsive liar. This wasn't good company to be around, we had to remove ourselves from that toxic situation. We have tried  our best to keep away and do our own thing but still people join in on the hate bandwagon, even when they know the real situation. The court case that I was put through 10 years ago, following threats and lies in sworn statements, simply wasn't enough for some. We have no alternative but to defend our corner with the truth.


June 11th

Happy 2nd Birthday to all our pups from Nikita & Finnley, Kita's only litter. Hope all our babies have a fabulous time 🥰

Very concerning is this news regarding the huge consortium of vet practices around the country who's sole emphasis is on profit. Key words; State of the art facilities! Pet owners need to be more aware and not as trusting as they have been with smaller family owned practices. Definitely worth a read.

These vets at the start of their career, have sworn on oath that everything they do will be in the best interests of the animals. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case.

Very sad to learn that the TV programme The Yorkshire Vet is now owned by one of these giants.


May 14th

Very sadly on 8th April, Leah (Pagency Kisfa Jamelia) passed away at 10y 9m. She had been very healthy up until the beginning of the year when she developed cancer. Our sincere condolences to David & Lynn and our thanks for keeping in touch with regular updates and photos of Leah over all these years. 12.07.2010 - 08.04.2021.

New puppies from one of our girls who lives in Wales with her family. More info here

Peaches is fully owned by Katrina & Paul, we are just helping them as they begin their new journey in the world of Leos and wish them all the very best. 🥰 

March 31st

A huge Happy Birthday today to Jessie, who  we think is the last remaining puppy from our first litter between Elsa (Vectiseleon Mandisa At Pagency & French Champion Voule Du Clos des Gres.

Our sincere thanks to Karl & Debs who have lovingly cared for her all these years and remained good friends, keeping us up to date with photos and news of Jessie. We are very proud of all of them.

🌸With our fondest love all the way to the South Coast to this special lady 🌸

March 6th

Today on the 7th Birthday of our Kiki & Maarlo litter, we hear of the sad and sudden loss of Simba, from our Siska & Sweedy litter. He would have been 9 years old in two days time. Also in February, Chevy, from Jersey, who would have reached 7 today, has also passed away suddenly, possibly to a stroke.

Our sincere condolences to their loving families and our many thanks for giving these fabulous boys such wonderful homes. If only this breed could live longer with us.

A recent online debate concluded that despite increased health testing in Leonbergers in recent years, Leos are not living any longer. The testing has not made our Leos healthier. On the contrary, we are in a much worse position than we were then. Some very good Breeders have ceased to breed, some with longevity, dogs living  10-13 years of age.

Over the last 10 years, we have lost a substantial amount of dogs from the gene pool to eradicate diseases that don't actually kill our dogs. The result is far more younger dogs dying from cancer in general.

Of the 8 dogs that we have lost, none have been from cancer and we have lost only a few of our breeding to this devastating disease.

We followed the advice from the expert geneticists and didn't remove lpn1 D/N dogs from our breeding in 2010 and the following years.  From our first litter, unknowingly mating two D/N dogs, Most of the litter had an average life span, only one lost to cancer at 5 years. The D/D affected 3 pups lived to 8, 9 and over 10 years old. 2 will be 11 years this month.  So have the tests been a complete waste of time and money?

It is the clubs arounds the world who are continually looking at new tests, are they really doing this for the betterment of the breed or it's demise? 

Recently looking at pedigrees of planned litters around Europe and Russia, it has been very disappointing to find nothing that would benefit our breed in the UK today. Every litter is from the same group of dogs that we have been using for many years. The future of this lovely breed is in jeopardy without a doubt!


February 19th 2021

Our 2020 litters from Coco & Holly have all now settled in to their new homes. It's been a long 11 weeks with pups here, and difficult with such bad weather conditions. It was well  worth the effort to see happy owners with their new additions over the last few weeks. We hope they all have long and healthy lives. We have done our very best from a breeding point of view and we can only hope that our imported dogs will make a difference to health in the future 🤞

When puppies leave us, we dread that first visit to the vet, who somehow become promoted to God status at the mere mention of what a breeder has advised. Raw food, will rarely be recommended as they cannot stack it on their shelves and sell at an extortionate price. If we thought it was dangerous to our dogs, we wouldn't have been feeding it for the last 15 years and we wouldn't be recommending our puppy owners to feed it. We have done the first vaccination, all that is now required is a second vaccination at 10 weeks old. Not a third at 12 weeks or 4th at 15 weeks, or kennel cough drops, or flea treatment. This is definitely not necessary and not all vets are recommending this. All these chemicals are poisons that are being put in to a young and fragile puppy, there is more chance of damaging their immune system than anything else. There is no proven scientific evidence that suggests this is absolutely necessary. Many vets are business people first!

Garlic is much better than chemical flea treatment.

See info here


December 9th

Our lovely Hele didn't recover from the stroke and passed away peacefully on 7th December. Daughter of the late Siska & Sweedy.

There at her birth and with her until her last breath as she slipped away with a little help. What a huge hole she has left in our lives and we will miss her forever.

Below is a photo taken on holiday in August, the three fluffy bums are Hele, Monster & Zara, half siblings. All have sadly now passed away in such a short time. These fur babies are not with us long enough but we treasure every moment that we share with them. What an honour it has been!










December 4th

On 3rd December, Monster (Pagency Kisfa Enrique) from our Siska & Faro litter, lost his  fight with bowel cancer at the great age of 10 years & 5 months old. He had been diagnosed with DCM in January but this was under control and he was still able to lead an active life. To see him trotting around the large lawn, it was hard to believe he had anything wrong with him at all. After a spell of not eating during August, he was diagnosed with cancer in the small intestine. He carried on as normal until the very last minute, still speaking his toys, such a happy boy. 

There is only one word to describe Monster: Incredible! His character, energy, demeanour and his stunning good looks, without a spec of grey on his gorgeous muzzle. He was the most lovable and fun, but stubborn Leo ever born and he was a credit to our lovely breed. So pleased to have met him on a few occasions and got to know him quite well. Beautiful inside and out.

This boy has lived like a King and he knew he had everyone wrapped around his paw. He's had the best life ever and we send our love and heartfelt condolences to his owners at this very sad time. RIP our very special and unforgettable Monster💕


December 3rd

Our gorgeous Helebobs was taken poorly very suddenly last week, she was diagnosed with Vestibular Syndrome (brain inflammation) and it seems she may also have had a stroke. We thought we were losing her after not eating for seven days, but since being put on strong medication, she has improved greatly. To see her walking about again and interested in life and food is just amazing. She's still wobbly but at least she can get about now. We dread losing our fur babies, especially when they get older. At 8.8, Hele has never been ill, likewise, her siblings here have remained in good health too. Although Hele won't fully recover, she can have some quality of life if the meds continue to help her.

Our Coco & Neo pups arrived on 30th November, we have 11 little puddings who seem to be thriving to date.


November 2nd

Coco is finally expecting puppies around early December

This litter is fully booked.


26th October

We have had a very anxious time lately with illness, ops and waiting for pups, only to be disappointed with Megi but alas, we might have some more positive puppy news very soon. It's all looking good!

  Covid-19 cases seem to be increasing daily, lets hope we don't all go in to lockdown again over the next few months. We are still managing to have a few short holidays with our gang but for how much longer we don't know?

In August, we omitted to write about the loss of one of our pups from Kiki & Maarlo. (Pagency Kimarl Marchena) Aslan, sadly passed away suddenly in his sleep aged just six years. Our sincere condolences to his loving family.

Around the same time, his sister Kiara was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma and had a front leg amputation. She has recovered well and is responding to chemotherapy. This is the first time we have experienced this in our breeding, we can only hope that Kiara is given some extra time with her family and has a reasonable quality of life. Lots of love and good wishes for this lovely young girly 💕


23rd September

Dreadful news to report that on 9th September, Beau, Pagency Kisfa Rhianna, (Siska & Faro Van Het Wallenhof) went over the rainbow bridge after a short illness. She was 10 years old. We have been honoured to see Beau several times over the years and she really was a credit to the breed. Our sincere condolences to Ann and Frank and our thanks for loving this beautiful girl for all her life. 

Very unexpected on 15th September, our own Zara, (Siska & Khaimas' Saturday Ducky) went to sleep and didn't wake up, she went with her paws crossed and peaceful. We had recently credited her with saving her brother Wolfie who she stayed with after losing their brother Beastie. Never in a million years could we have imagined that we would lose her too, she had just turned seven years old. Another one of our fur babies who will be missed every day.


5th September

We have had plenty of Birthdays to celebrate of late and none more rewarding than the 9th Birthday today of our JuJu and her siblings. Last year we thought would be her last one as she developed Laryngeal Polyneuropathy last summer. It was not bad enough for surgery and it has not progressed significantly over the year. She is doing really well, enjoying life and her walks, happy to toddle around with the gang and then laze about like a queen on her bed. Here's to another year for these oldies 🥂

Last month it was an honour to stay with Monster & Wolfie at their home in Bristol. Great to see the boys with our girls who tagged along too. Monster is the most stubborn Leo ever, but at 10 years old, he's earned the right to that behaviour, he definitely has everyone wrapped around his huge paws 🐾 😂

Monster & siblings Zara & Woolfie

Photo credit: Jordan Miles









10th August

Yet another loss on 26th July, Aurora from our Siska & Faro litter passed away peacefully in her sleep. She had turned 10 years old on 12th July, a great age and she had a lovely life living in the countryside with her family and sibling Pandora, who passed away last year aged 9. Our heartfelt condolences to her loving family and our thanks for giving these two lovely girls a wonderful home.

The saddest part of owning a Leonberger is saying goodbye, they certainly take a piece of your heart with them.


18th July

The call we breeders always dread is to hear of the loss of one of our beloved puppies.

Yesterday 17th July came the call from our dear friends Vickie & Johnathon, to say that tragically, they had lost their gorgeous boy Bentley to Gastric Torsion. He was let out at 6am for his morning stroll in the garden with his brother Amadeus, he seemed fine, no need for any concern. He went to lay down as normal and when checked at 7am he had already passed away. The vet later confirmed the cause.

Bentley was very much like his Dad Zaraki, Khaimas' Saturday Ducky, a Sire we fell in love with in Milan Italy in 2013. Just four weeks ago we lost his brother Beastie, two fluke deaths in such a short time, so heart breaking. They would have been 7 years old on 18th August.

Words cannot express our sadness and sorrow for Vickie & Johnathan. Our sincere thanks for giving this wonderful boy the love and care that he had. He will  be in our hearts forever. As we always say, cherish every moment with our fur bears, they are never with us long enough 💕🐾


Di & Gang


Beastie, Monster & Wolfie

1st July

It is with great sadness to write about the sad loss of Beastie, (Pagency Kiszar Franchesco on 22nd June. Beastie was  owned by Kath & Pete in Bristol, he was their 3rd Leonberger from us and left here with his brother Wolfie in 2013, to join Monster and Bear. He was from our Siska & Zaraki Litter 18.08.2013, Beastie was almost 7 and has gone too soon. Last year he had cruciate ligament surgery and recovered very well. Our heart felt condolences to his loving owners and our thanks for providing the most wonderful home for all four of our boys. He is now with Bear, lost last year. A photo of all the boys is on our homepage, it's too beautiful to remove.  Just as we are all anxiously awaiting the 10th Birthday of his house brother Monster on 12th July. Siska & Faro litter 2.

The only disadvantage of owning this wonderful breed, is losing them 😢


11th June

Neo & Banjo puppies at Bergleerson Leonbergers are now 8 weeks old and all settling in to their new homes. We wish them a long, healthy and happy life in their new forever homes and send our very best wishes.

 Happy first birthday to our Nikita & Finnley puppies, these lucky pups will all be very spoiled today. New photos of them are in our 2020 gallery.

It seems that very soon we will all be out of lockdown and slowly venturing  out in to the world again. At last we can travel, but many things have changed and it's a different world than before.

We are very much looking forward to our forthcoming litter with Meghan & Aslan. We should have a mating next month all being well 🤞 Thank you to everyone who has stayed with us during this difficult time.

Ending on a sad note: on May 28th our dear friend Huw lost his beloved boy Jasper (Pagency Primera Javier ) He was 10 years old in March and had been very healthy all through his life. He didn't suffer any illness but he suddenly stopped eating and drinking. Huw made the difficult decision to let him go peacefully to sleep. He is understandably devastated, Jasper was his best friend and companion.  Our sincere condolences on this very sad loss but also our thanks that this gorgeous boy was loved right up until his last breath. Huw has kindly sent us some photos of Jasper to remember him. Gallery.


11th May

Meghan & Coco are now 2 years old, how fast this time has gone and what incredible joy these girls have brought to our lives, it's as though they have always been here. We will be forever indebted to their breeder Dagmara of the Ginger Heaven kennel in Poland. We count ourselves very lucky every day for them both but surprisingly, the black & tan Leonberger has proved an absolute hit with all our visitors.

Much to our disappointment, we will now have our first litter with Megi, and Coco will have her litter later on in the year. We can only hope that the lockdown period is over by then and some normality will resume? Vets should then be open with a full service and people will be able to travel. We are both in the shielded group and advised to stay isolated until 30th June at the earliest; so will be unable to have visitors for some time yet.

Stay safe and look forward to better times ahead🤞


20th April 2020

What would have been Mum's 90th Birthday, God bless her🙏

We hope all our friends are fairing well under the current difficult climate that we have all found ourselves in. Who could have believed when we watched this unfold in China, that we too would be in lockdown within weeks and our normal world as we knew it would end. It has all happened so fast and so many poor people have sadly lost their lives or been incredibly ill. It makes us realise how fragile and precious life really is, it puts everything in to perspective.

But life goes on and we all need something to be positive about. Hopefully within the next few weeks, we will be free again? It hasn't affected us a great deal except that we have missed our regular visitors, old and new. Our pups have all settled in to their new homes very well. Keep up the good work they all look great! 

We recently celebrated the 10th Birthday of our first litter, many congratulations to all four families who still have their fur baby at such a great age. Sadly not all of them made it, including our own lovely Neva, they will always be very much in our thoughts. Just like our late Ozzy, Siska, Elsa, Balou & Kiki, we miss them with every passing day 🌸

In July we have another 10th Birthday of our Siska & Faro litter with 8 out of 12 still here to celebrate their big day. Incredible for all these owners and they should be very proud, love and care go side by side with genetics. The youngest loss was our Kiki at 8 years and last year we lost dear Phoebe, Pandora & Nellie all 9 years old. Thank you to all their loving owners.

Our purpose in breeding has always been health and longevity over everything else.

Our own dogs here are in good health with four over 8 years of age. 3 of them are siblings with no signs of ageing yet. They may not have Champion titles, but who cares? They were only campaigned as youngsters and statistics reveal that show and working dogs don't live long lives in comparison to others. We would rather have them here with us than have trophies next to a box of ashes! One could arguably say we are doing ok 🍾🥂

We look forward to getting back to some normality and continuing with our plans this year, roll on life!

Many congratulations to Bergleerson Leonbergers on the safe arrival of Banjo & Neo puppies, a nice litter of 10 little beauties. All are sold.

We thrive on positivity, it's a wonderful thing in a negative world! Stay safe! 🐾🐶


1st March, 

We have decided that as of 30th April 2020 and after 10 years, we won't be renewing our membership with the KC ABS. There are two issues that concern us deeply, firstly, for Leonbergers, it appears that  the  LCGB  advise the KC as to what criteria should be required of ABS breeders. One issue of disagreement with many breeders is that recommended health tests are now to be compulsory. Although we do them anyway out of choice, we feel it is not acceptable for this to be made compulsory, if they are only of recommended status, how can they possibly force breeders of the ABS scheme to do them. We refuse to pay to be included in the scheme if they work on these unfair protocols. We came out of the poorly supported LCGB some years ago due to their patronising attitudes, so we won't have them dictating through a third party. As stated previously, "we take no moral cue from those people" Health is an utmost priority to us and always will be. We don't need to be in any pontificating organisation, who contact you demanding that you provide them with your health certificates as soon as they find out you are having a litter of pups. As early breeders, we found this very intimidating, especially as health results are recorded with the KC anyway. They have no right to demand your certificates, it's an abuse of power. 

Secondly, when we registered our black & Tan Leonberger with the GBKC, her export pedigree and passport from Poland both described her colour as what she is, black & tan. At the time I had a call from the KC to say that they couldn't register her as black & tan as they had been informed that she was of  "colour not recognised"  Informed by whom is unknown to me? Of course we can guess but we do not know???

We can only speculate that one day when someone of influence is the owner of a black & tan Leonberger, then maybe this colour will be in the drop down menu? It was, until some very unkind person, informed the KC to do otherwise. Is it any wonder that as time goes on we become more  anti-establishmentariainism. 

It was heartbreaking to watch the poor Bulldog on supervet recently who was sadly put to sleep due to health issues caused by her poor breeding. Heartbreaking for her family to lose such a young dog before her time and under such circumstances. Here is an article written after the televised programme, please view this  hip X-Ray click here . So what is very surprising but alarming is that the KC  registered 10,000 Bulldog puppies last year who's parent had no health tests done. Is this evidence that these organisations have no care whatsoever for the health of puppies being sold to the general public? The revenue generated by those litters is a bigger priority. Hence, we get out very quickly!


23rd February

Megan and Coco have both passed their eye test and gonioscopy for breeding, we are very pleased with all their health test results.

 Coco will have her first litter this year all being well, with our own Slovakian import boy Neo, who will be six this year and has sired some lovely puppies.

We are actively searching for a Sire who carries the Black & Tan gene, we would love to have some Black & Tan pups from her second litter.  Having done the test, we are quite surprised that  not all dark coated males carry this gene.  They can be tested by Laboklin in Manchester with quick results. If anyone has a boy who might be suitable and you would be happy for him to be mated to a Black & Tan female then please get in touch.

19th February 2020

Another successful litter and all puppies are settled in to their new homes, now it's time for a well earned rest!

The topic of rear dew claws is one that has always been a bit of a mystery, it wasn't until we imported Sultan, who still has rear dew claws, that I decided to do a bit of research. What I found was quite horrifying, in fact, not only will he not have the operation to remove them, but I question if we will ever remove them from puppies again? All I have ever known over the last 14 years is that Leonberger puppies have their rear dew claws removed between day 1-3 of birth. Not all are born with them with but many are. So, why do we amputate them? The only reason I have known is that they are not favourable in the show ring. When I questioned this recently, I was told that once removed, they give a better overall look of the dog, so it's solely cosmetic. Here is an article written by a vet - Dew claws

So they do have a purpose, and a very important one, it seems that keeping them intact can prevent long term leg problems due to those five muscles. Could this be why so many Leos have cruciate issues? If the dew claw prevents twisting of the leg then this must surely have an impact on damage to the cruciate ligament? And we as breeders are inadvertently responsible for this as we do not have the medical knowledge. I find this extremely concerning!  In another written article, it is believed that having them removed can affect the longevity of the dog. Our Leos don't live long enough as it is, are we really removing their dew claws at the detriment of their lives? Just for the show ring? I will find and post this link also. I have read so many articles on this subject, all of which are clearly stating that it is wrong to have them removed. In one which explained that it is classed as amputation, it went on to note that it is no different than ear cropping and tail docking, something that the majority of people are appalled by. So why are we removing these dew claws and treating it as though we are simply cutting nails? Sultan will not be having his removed, if this means that we can't show him but he might be more healthy and live longer, then there really is no choice to make in my opinion. Definitely food for thought!



13th December

Happy 3rd Birthday to all our puppies from Hele & Neo 🥳 We hope each and every one of them gets very spoiled on their special day 🥰

As we approach Christmas 2019, we would like our  friends and puppy owners to know that for the first time in ten years, we won't be sending out Christmas cards.  Instead, we have donated the money to a very good cause and hope our friends will understand. One of our puppy families have recently lost their home and all their possessions in a house fire, so severe that the house has now been demolished. They were lucky to get out alive with their 3 dogs but very sadly, one of their cats didn't make it out. We made the decision in the hope that this will help Joe & Ulla in these early days and wish them all the luck in the world as they make a new start, hopefully in a new home in the new year.


28th November

We can now introduce our new Polish Import male Mr Sultan of Swing Bertusowy Gaj, after a quick trip over to Poland to collect him. We have been waiting for this male puppy for quite some time and finally he is here. It was so good to see him in his home with his Mum, Grandma, Aunties and 2 brothers, it really was home from home. Getting up on Saturday morning to find him sitting at the bottom of the stairs, was just wonderful, then as it was time to leave, he sat by our suitcase lol! It was as if he knew he was leaving too.  We have done this with all our imports and love to see them as part of the family, living in the home well cared for and loved. Sultan travelled home like a dream, no trouble at all and he has now settled in very well with our ever welcoming gang.

Huge thanks to Katarzyna his breeder of Kennel Bertusowy Gaj, for this wonderful boy.

Now we await Holly pups any day! 🐶🐶


1st November

As the years go by, our puppies are getting older and we dread getting any bad news from our puppy owners, but it's inevitable! Very sadly in October, two of our older puppies  went over the rainbow bridge and left their families devastated.  Alaska from Elsa & Voule, our first litter, lost her battle with cancer at 9 years, 7 months, a great age and she had a super life with her loving family. Then we had news that Pandora had passed away in her sleep, she was from Siska & Faro and was 9 years, 3 months. Our condolences to both families and our sincere thanks for giving our puppies a loving home for all these years. We all know how our hearts break to lose these beautiful bears, but we have to console ourselves with the fact that life with them is so precious and special. We have to make the most of them while they are here and they are just never here long enough ❤️❤️


28th August

Our pups from Nikita and Finnley have left for their forever homes and are all doing really well and settling in with their new families. It's always sad to see them go but so rewarding to see the happiness  they bring to their new owners. New photos of them all are in our 2019 gallery. Just a reminder to new Mums and Dads that we are here 24/7 for support and help when needed. Wishing them all good health and longevity over the coming years and we look forward to watching them grow through their photos.

It's now time for holidays for us, must get them in as we await our girls coming in to season next month, then it all Starts again.

2nd August

Very sadly on 25th July, Phoebe, (Pagency KIsfa Carly) passed away suddenly and peacefully in her sleep, at nine years of age, having just had her Birthday. Her Mum says that Phoebe was an inspiration to everyone who met her and that life won't be the same without her. Our heartfelt condolences at this very sad time and our thanks that despite her problems, she was very well loved and cared for throughout her life. RIP lovely Phoebe ❤️

our Goldilocks puppy ❤️ 12.07.2010

23rd July

This month, our second litter from our late Siska reached 9 years of age, they have all done very well indeed. From a litter of 12, only two have been lost to us in the last year, including our own Kiki. It was July 2010 when the first tests became available for LPN1 and our two girls were both tested D\N. Following the breeding guidelines from geneticists at The University of Minnesota USA, who advised breeders not to remove carriers from the gene pool, and that puppies would not develop the disease, we continued to breed from our girls. 9 years later, we have so much more knowledge than we did back then and it is good to know that every one of those pups have not shown any signs of LPN1 over the years. In any terms, for 10 pups from one litter to reach nine years of age is an achievement we are proud of. One puppy from this litter sadly had an eye condition at just six months old, no other pups affected. We believe that this puppy is still enjoying life and luckily has  not had her eye removed over the years.  It is pleasing to know that although it is very sad to have any puppy not at 100% health, the litter as a whole have had a pretty healthy life. We hope for a few more birthdays for our 10 lovely fur Grandchildren and hope their good health continues. Sending them all our very best wishes


22nd June

It's been a while since the last news update so apologies and also for the lack of our puppy photos lately. Since losing our wonderful Balou in March, just two weeks after his 10th Birthday, it hit us hard and it's been difficult to move on without him. As they say, time is the essence and we are finally getting used to not having him around, but we miss him terribly.  There isn't a day that we don't think of our oldies no longer with us. It can sometimes be easier to get over human loss than losing our beloved dogs! as awful as that may sound, you'd have to be true animal people to comprehend that one. Someone recently quoted a good phrase that sums up our leos " They only hurt us when they leave us" How very true that is! We can't say that about humans can we?

We are pleased to follow with a bit of good news too, so in May, Aslan became a 2nd time Daddy  to four lovely puppies at Lyndordream in Nottingham. They have only been a few but what whoppers they are, all born over 700g and have grown well.  Looking forward to seeing our fur Grandkids soon.

Then on June 11th, our own Nikita had 8 puppies from gorgeous Finn also at Lyndordream. Holly didn't get pregnant this time so she will try again next season. We didn't have enough pups this time but thank you to those who are staying with us again, we very much appreciate their confidence in us. 

Some photos of our breeding have been added to 2019 gallery and we eagerly await more from our  puppy owners who stay in touch, thanks in advance.

Weekly pics of the pups will be found on our new current litter page


11th February

The worst possible news for us to announce, is the loss of our fur kids.

Balou, Bavaruki Just A Hullabalou left for the rainbow bridge not long after his 10th birthday, despite his illness over the years, it was quite sudden and very quick at the end. He passed away due to laryngeal polyneuropathy that he had only had since the summer of 2018, roughly eight months. His breathing had gotten worse this year but he was coping and just plodding on and enjoying a slower pace of life. He suddenly took a turn for the worse with breathing difficulties and he was gone in less than 24 hours. He had an eye removed due to a tumour 14 months before and had made an excellent recovery. We are just pleased that we bought him that extra time with us and he had been thoroughly spoiled for that last year of his life. He was just incredible and made a huge impact on every visitor who ever met him here. It doesn't matter how many dogs we have, they are all individual and loved equally. Balou is a huge loss to us and we are heartbroken. A true gentle giant,   and a credit to his breed.

6th February

The Kennel Club announce Leonbergers to be included on the list of Estimated Breeding Values, aimed at helping breeders evaluate suitable breeding programs based on a more accurate way of measuring genetic risk. This works alongside the mate select, but this only covers five generations of breeding. We have always worked on the results from ten generations and thirty five, which isn't included on the KC mate select.

1st February 2019

Our website has had a bit of a make over for the New Year, I hope it might be a little easier for our visitors  to navigate. There does appear to be issues with the mobile version as some pages appear to be blank for some unknown reason, I will work on this over the next week and hopefully get it fixed. Some pages also needed updating as the years are going by so quickly, which is scary as it means that we are all getting older eeek!

At last we have snow and it's great to see the fabulous snowy pics of our puppies, please keep them coming. Today I had a photo of Maddie sent to me, she is from our Tasha & Neo litter last year and what a beauty she is growing in to. This young lady is the one who got away, she was always my favourite and I would have loved to have kept her, but she was reserved and I just couldn't let lovely people down.

The show calendar began with the Manchester show a couple of weeks ago. What a nightmare for poor Jane, Meg and Merlin were not keen to run for her, well, Merlin refused point blank and lost his 3rd place as the judge explained that he couldn't assess his soundness on the move. I agreed with him, he can be stubborn and will not do what he doesn't want to do.  Katie and Bear were also there but a week before the show, Bear had been injured by a fast running lab. He came to stay with us for a few days and we thought he had recovered well. Bear decided on the day that he was going lame so he didn't get the chance of a place, although he wasn't his normal cheeky self on the day. At the vets the next day, it was found that he had an infection, so the poorly Bear was forgiven. 

Meghan managed a 2nd place in MPB at only her 2nd show. With us on the day, were Kirsty, Andrew & Denzel, brother to Merlin

 who also had a 2nd place in Puppy class, this was his very first show so well done guys.

I hope we are all able to meet up at a few more shows this year. While we won't be showing at Crufts this  year, we shall be there on the day to enjoy the show. 

I have not been asked to delete any names from my update last month, but a subtle hint prompted me to remove them!


2nd January 2019

We wish all our visitors a Very Happy New Year

It is hoped that you will continue to visit our website and support us for another year as you have done since 2008.  May we take this opportunity to say thank you for the continued support.

We begin the New Year with a fresh mind and the same passion as always, putting the Leonberger breed and it's future and health, first in our priorities. We have our breeding plans thought out for the year, Holly and Nikita will hopefully have their first litters in summer.

Among our information on this website, we have two new links to  excellent articles written by Leonmoor breeders Grant & Mandy and it is with their permission that we include these links about health testing and the low numbers of registered Leonbergers. A very interesting article stating several correct facts that we support. click here 

The second is regarding LPN2 testing and factual analysis to date, very interesting indeed. click here

Our views mirror these and where health testing is concerned, we had a similar experience a few years ago regarding the now familiar gonioscopy test. Before this test became mandatory for breeding, we had several dogs tested.

Our own Kiki failed the test and we told by an ophthalmologist, that this dog must not be bred from, so severe were the angles. We mentioned this outcome to another  Ophthalmologist, who told us that the test can be very inaccurate, as the glass that is used for this test, was designed for the human eye, not for a Leonberger. We were advised to re-test.  We took Kiki for another test with surprising results; she was given a clear eye certificate with perfect angles! So how can this be possible to have the same dog tested by two professionals, within a few months and not just two different results, but from one end of the spectrum to the other? Our opinion since then has always been that the test is flawed. Further to this, when the test became mandatory in January 2018, we we were advised that  during the winter months, the temperature could affect the result. If a senior Ophthalmologist doesn't have faith in this test, then how can we as breeders?

While we firmly believe in some health testing, and we would not wish to breed a puppy affected with glaucoma and the implications that would arise from that breeding, but we must be confident in the tests themselves or it is just a waste of time, money and effort.

19.06.12                 17.04.13



11th November

How very fast our time with the puppies went,  they  have now reached 13 weeks old and we have great reports from their new families that they have all settled in superbly. It's so rewarding to see the happiness a new puppy brings to a family and we feel very honored  to be in a position to make this possible.

Our Polish girls have settled in so well and are now firm members of our family. Our dogs are very accepting and have taken on the responsibility of ear washing with gusto lol!

Where there is good news, bad usually follows and it has come to our attention that some people in our breed who were in awe of our Coco, but were not successful in getting her, now have a dose of sour grapes and feel the need to be spiteful. We know who they are and that they are in breach of LCGB code of ethics, of which they are long term members. Some also using others in Canada to do some dirty work.

We respond with great news that in January we should have puppies again.  With two planned litters, one is fully booked while we still have some places available for the second litter. The gorgeous Bruin will be the Sire to both.  We begin breeding with our second generation with huge enthusiasm, and pride that our puppies are so sought after. Our immense efforts for the genetic diversity of our beloved breed are recognised by the people who reserve our puppies, and so shall we continue!


10th September

We have just had the most crazy few weeks; the excitement of our own young puppies, then Neo & Banjo pups born in Sheffield, then a long drive across Europe to collect our beautiful Polish girls, Meghan & Coco. We seem to have waited so long for these gorgeous girls.  We needed to see them in their home, meet their Mum's Gaja & Milka and to also meet their breeder Dagmara of the Ginger Heaven kennel in North East Poland.  What an incredible honour it was too and we give our sincere thanks for this super opportunity of a lifetime.  On 10th May, Gaja delivered 10 puppies, 5 of which were very rare black and tan Leonbergers, of which there are only a few around the world. While they are full pedigree KC registered Leonbergers and carry the correct genetics of the Leonberger, their colour is not desired by the bureaucrats in Germany who write the breed standard. They therefore cannot be shown. This incredible litter has aroused great interest in the b&t with many people asking for a repeat mating, these 5 pups were most sought after and we were very lucky to be accepted as new parents to Coco. Most people have never seen a black & tan and it has been many years since one was here in the UK, Coco we believe is the only one here today. Her sister Maya was one of the normal red that we are familiar with, she travelled back with us and now lives with good friends in England. Meghan is their cousin and she has already started her training lessons for the show ring. We are very excited about the future with our lovely new girls, their diverse pedigree will complement what we already have.

Puppies have now reached four weeks old and continue to grow and thrive. Today they had their first adventure outside, waggy tails all round, we couldn't get them back in lol! New photos added in their gallery.


22nd August

Our puppies from Zara & Bruin arrived on 11th August, while Banjo, who had been mated to Neo, had her puppies on 10th. Both litters are doing very well. In just one weekend, Bruin had become a Father and Grandfather, what a great achievement.  Many thanks to Frank and Ann for letting us use this gorgeous boy and also to allow us to keep him in our future breeding plans.

We look forward to the next few weeks as we enjoy these little babies, breeding has become very addictive and we love every moment of it.

A very exciting week is approaching us; a planned drive across Europe will bring us more opportunities for the future. More news in September!

12th July

It is with great heartache to write that on Monday 9th July, just 3 days short of her 8th Birthday, our beautiful Kiki decided that her time with us here on earth was to end. She passed away very suddenly in her Dad's arms, playing and having a cuddle one minute and gone the next, so quick. She had never had any illness in her life and had gifted us with gorgeous puppies from her one and only litter. From our second home bred litter, Kiki, who we always called Harem Scarem, as she was a bundle of energy and always like a puppy, was an absolute joy to share our lives with. We are thankful for those eight memorable years that we had with her. She is now with her Mum Siska & Dad Faro in doggy heaven, to watch down on us and play with all her lost loved friends.

More sad news this month is the loss of Max from our first litter with Elsa & Voulé. Max was 8 years old and was affected with LPN1 from birth. We give our thanks to Norman and Beth for giving Max a wonderful and loving home for all his years, and our heartfelt condolences.

Rest in Peace our beautiful fur babies, forever in our hearts


22nd June

Our puppies from Hele & Neo are now well and truly settled in to their new homes and it has been wonderful to hear all the stories and to see all the lovely photos from their new owners, of which we are very grateful for. Several Leo owners who had forgotten what it's like to have a puppy in the house again lol!

We have kept a boy this time and now at ten weeks old, Merlin weighed 14.8 kg today when he had his 2nd vaccination. He has already had a 10 day holiday in Cornwall with Alan and his uncle Aslan, it is more important to us to get these pups out and socialised very soon after the 1st vaccs. Along with this and the immunity from their Mother, there is very little chance of them catching any diseases so we don't follow vet protocol, who can be a little over protective due to them being sued. Now on our 16th Leonberger, we have never had any issues.

We are occasionally horrified that despite our advice, some puppies have been almost 15 weeks old before they get socialised, this is not good for this breed of dog where early socialisation is a must.

We now wait anxiously to see if Zara is pregnant with her second and last litter. If successful, pups should be due mid August. This will complete the breeding from our first generation of home bred girls. Although we could have had 9 litters in total, we have only had six.

Health testing for our future breeding girls has been done and for the first time, we have an LPN1 clear female who will be bred from. Our latest puppy Merlin has also tested LPN1 clear.


10th April

Hele & Neo puppies arrived on 2nd April, 11 in total and all are doing very well.

Sadly, where there is good news, bad will always follow.  Koby (Pagency Gdynia Harpa) passed away on 6th April after a short illness, aged 6 years. Our heartfelt condolences go to Pat and Ken at this very sad time and we give our thanks for the love and devotion they gave to him throughout his life. We had seen Koby on a few occasions over the years and there never was a happier boy.


19th March

At Crufts on March 8th, Holly was placed 3rd in Junior Bitch, handled by Jane Bailey. Many thanks to Jane for a great presentation in the ring and for all the hard work in training for the last year at our local ring craft club. Their team effort made us all very proud and we had a fabulous day out.

Now we await our spring puppies from Hele, her second and last litter.


14th January 2018

"Happy New Year to all our visitors"

Well, we started the new year with our Tasha & Neo puppies leaving for their forever homes, it seems all are now settled with their new servants and ruling the roost, as they do!

Again, we have met some fabulous new friends through our dogs and we thank them all very much for coming to us for their new family member. We send our love and best wishes for a long and healthy life for all of them and hope they bring much happiness to their new families over the years to come.

Balou has done really well to recover from his recent op and is back to his normal self.  He seems to be managing well with only one eye but if we give him something to eat, we have to show it to him first or he doesn't see it. Once the fur has grown back, it won't look so bad, the amount of bruising and swelling to begin with was quite shocking, considering that it is not difficult surgery. He is now certainly free from any pain and discomfort and we hope that we have bought him some more quality time with us.


23rd December

"Wishing all our visitors a Merry Christmas"

New 5 week puppy photos added on their page.

News of our old boy Balou who will be 9 years old in March, had been diagnosed with Glaucoma, and earlier this month, due to a tumour on his left eye, he had to have it removed as it was untreatable. He came through surgery well and is at home recovering. Sadly as our dogs get older, they begin to show signs of age and illness. Things can sometimes crop up in breeding lines where there is no history of it, it's just one of those things and we deal with it as best as we possibly can. We hope that this now allows our gorgeous Balou to spend a little longer time with us.


29th November

Tasha & Neo pups arrived on 14th November, a large litter of 11 healthy and beautiful babies all doing great. This is her 2nd and last litter and we are so pleased with what both our Polish girls have produced so far. We have been truly blessed! and considering that  both girls were turned 4 years before they had their first litter, with Hele, we only just made it before she was 5. We have no puppies  available from this litter.... anyone interested in our next litter with Hele, must act quickly to avoid disappointment. We hope to mate her in the new year.

All puppies from Zara & Neo have  settled well in their new homes, it really is an amazing experience to see how happy people are when they come here to collect their new family member. Any sadness we feel is wiped away by this overwhelming show of excitement and happiness. We are very blessed indeed to have met such wonderful people, and are secure in the knowledge that yet again, those puppies are as precious to them as they are to us. To all our new friends, thank you so much for coming to us and thanks also for the updates, keep those photos coming.

Just one sad piece of news, was the sudden passing in September of Josh, Pagency Primera Agustino, at 7 3/4 years.  Our sincere condolences to his owners and their families who have loving cared for and treasured him. Another bright star shines!



22nd September

Our current litter page has been updated with lots of new photos of the pups at 6 weeks old. Soon they will be leaving for their new forever homes and we will say goodbye, another enjoyable litter for us and very happy new Leo owners beginning their wonderful adventure.


At Richmond CH show on 9th September, Holly gained her qualification for Crufts 2018, and took Best Puppy In Breed. Photo to follow as it was taken for an advert in the dog paper and we need authorisation from the photographer to use it. She's still long legs and skinny, but hard to get weight on her with her sister Nikita here as well. They just love to play and it's more important to us for youngsters to be happy,  so we shall treat future shows as experience, fun and a good day out.

Tasha and Neo have been mated so if all goes to plan, we shall have puppies again in mid November.


21st August

Our puppies from Zara and Neo arrived on 10th August, 12 born but just 10 survived. These lovely strong puppies have been a walk in the park compared to our previous litter of 17 last year. They continue to gain weight each day and now we await that precious moment when their eyes open. All puppies are reserved but soon Tasha will be in season so those not successful this time, won't have long to wait. We have only one female and one male available to reserve from this litter.

Alan had his shoulder operation and has made a good recovery so far, hindered a little with puppies but it's been good physiotherapy!

Holly has a couple of shows booked next month and she is looking better now that she has matured a little. None of the shows we have done this year have had minor puppy classes, so all other puppies have been much older than her, all very nice puppies too. Both Holly and Chewie, handled by our very dear friend Jane, have improved in training classes, we just hope they continue this progress in the ring.

Now we are looking forward to welcoming our happy new Mum's and Dad's when they come to see their new puppies later this month. It is always  a very special time for us when we are rearing our babies and we are very proud of our girls who are such caring and natural Mums.


25th June

Holly had her first show today at Blackpool Ch show, placed VHC in a strong class of older puppies. Little fidget today and not the normal show off that she is.  Half bro Chewie gained a 1st place in PD and BPD, while Dad Neo was placed VHC. Many thanks to Jane Bailey for handling Holly.


24th June

There has been much discussion over the last few months regarding testing Leonbergers for LEMP (Leukoencephalomyelopathy)

University of Minnesota USA are now able to provide testing for this identified faulty gene. Today we had our results for dogs in our breeding and we have four N/N Clear and 1 D/N carrier. Happy with those results and as with LPN1, the experts advise that all D/N carrier dogs are healthy and should not be removed from breeding. We have always bred our D/N females, over N/N clear females, breeding from only the best, regardless of their LPN1 status. We will continue with this principle in mind, but in the past where we have removed D/N males from our breeding programmes, we will consider them in the future if they have great qualities to bring to the breed. As long as all carriers are bred to clear dogs, their offspring will be healthy and they should be classed as the same value to breeding as N/N dogs. To dismiss those dogs would be damaging to the already small gene-pool of the Leonberger breed in the UK. From the very start, our goal was to improve genetic diversity with new blood lines, we shall continue with that ethos without compromising on either health or quality. 

It is believed that dogs have around 600 faulty genes, we know of only 3 identified in Leonbergers so far.

Scientific evidence shows that for every gene that is removed, it is replaced with something else. It has even been suggested that by carrying one faulty gene, it may contain an enzyme or protein which assists the immune system to possibly prevent other illness? In this instance, it may be beneficial to breeding overall.

As long as we test and breed responsibly, neither the health or quality of the breed will be compromised.


19th June

Our litter plans for this year are well under way, Zara & Neo have been mated, if successful, puppies should arrive around mid August.

Not such good news to report on Julz, who recently had a total Ear Canal Ablation with'lateral bulla osteotomy'  after developing a burst ear drum and Pseudomonas bacterial infection. It was a tricky operation done by our vet at Nantwich Veterinary Hospital, who did a great job. For cosmetic purposes, the ear flap was not used as cover so once the fur grows back, JuJu will look pretty normal, although she is now deaf on her right side.  All went well and she seems to have made a complete recovery. Photos in our dogs gallery  showing the very neat post op result.


3rd May

Thanks to everyone for keeping us updated on the progress of our puppies, they are coming along so nicely and it's lovely to see photos of them, there are more photos to add to our gallery this week.

Well done to Chewie and his Mum Jane, getting 2nd place at his first show, it was lovely to go to WELKS with them to watch their debut in the ring. Soon to be joined by Holly who is doing well at training class ready for her debut very soon.

In March, we  passed our 2nd assessment for the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme. We did stress that it would be better to have two sections to this scheme, hobby breeders, who's dogs are very much loved members of the family, and commercial/professional breeders, who's sole aim is to keep, show and breed, only their best "stock" We don't consider ourselves in the latter and therefore the assessments should be completely different. We are all for change and improvements to the scheme if it is about better welfare for the dogs.


22nd March

It's so good to hear news of our puppies settling in to their new homes, we thank everyone who has sent in photos to us. Future pics will be proudly displayed in our puppy gallery 2017.

We have also had a few visitors recently and many enquiries and reservations for our next litter in the summer between Zara and Neo. More information on our future litter page


18th February 2017

It is with deep sadness to write that our beloved Neva has passed away naturally at home after a short illness. Neva never got over the loss of her Mum Elsa, and now they are both together again running free. She was a very loving home girl, always on the sofa rather than playing with the other dogs. Very much the baby even though she was the eldest,  and she would never stay outdoors, knocking on the door to come back in was her only fault. She lived for her food, love and a good tummy rub every day.

Another beauty taken away too soon, she would have been seven years old next month. Forever in our hearts.


21st December

Our puppies from Hele began to arrive on 12th December as expected. She carried on in whelp all through the night and on the  morning of 13th December, we thought she had finished with a total of 16 puppies. Then during then the night of 14th, she gave birth to a stillborn male puppy followed by a live puppy at 2pm, 41 hours after the first puppy. This is our biggest litter to date and we believe the biggest ever born to a  Dam in the UK. The biggest litter of 18 was born in USA a few years ago.

All of them are strong and healthy puppies, it is incredible that they have all survived their first week of life without any concerns. We look to the next few weeks with trepidation and excitement, it's very hectic with so many babies to feed but very enjoyable.


11th November

Great news today that finally, Hele is confirmed in pup. This was our last chance with her after two failed matings and we are literally over the moon. These are very special puppies and long awaited, we  really are looking forward  to their arrival, even though it's a bit close to our last litter. The scan showed quite a few groups of two puppies so we expect a good sized litter. Her Mum, our late  Siska, had our biggest litter of 14 in 2013, but not all survived. Fingers crossed now for healthy puppies.

Many thanks to everyone who has shown great interest in this litter and who have made the effort to come here to visit us, some from a great distance. We welcome you all in to our ever growing Leo family and look forward to the future with excitement.


3rd October

It has been wonderful to have so many lovely photos and  updates  of our baby bears, and we are so pleased that every one has settled very quickly  with their new families.

Great updates from Canada of Dolly too, thank you so much everyone, we do appreciate them, please keep them coming in the future.

I am now in recovery, having finally had my total hip replacement last month.  All is good here and our gang are on their best behaviour as I learn to walk around them on the new hip. Looking forward to being able to go on short walks with them again.

Our breeding plans are going ahead and we hope to have a mating later this month. More info on our future litter page



10th September

All our puppies have now left us for their forever homes, we would like to wish them all a very happy, healthy and long life with their new owners. We also thank them for coming to us for their new puppy.   Another litter and some lovely new friends made who we hope will stay in contact with us over the next few years.

Having always refused to send any of our puppies on long haul flights, we have relented after some lovely communication from very nice people in Canada, who have become good friends over the last ten weeks. Dolly has now arrived in Vancouver with her new family and we hope that she will have the most wonderful new life in the wilderness with her new brother Judge and all the other animals there.

Our first litter that we have not kept a puppy and it seems strange now that they have all gone. Tasha and Neo have produced lovely puppies and we look forward to seeing how they develop over the coming months.


15th August

It is with great sadness that we hear today that our beloved Sweedy in Poland has passed away at home with his family following a short illness. He was seven years old. It is an honour to have his children here in England after we travelled to Poland in 2012 to use Sweedy at Stud with our late Siska.  We will never forget that first sight of him as he strolled down the steps to greet us, a wonderful and emotional moment to finally see such a magnificent boy in the flesh, after admiring him from his photos. He had to be seen to appreciate just how stunning he was and with an amazing character to match.  We will always treasure those memories of the time that we shared with him and his family and Sweedy  will live on here in his children and grandchildren.   We know that Christina and Bronek are devastated at his loss, and we send our sincere condolences to them at this very sad time.

RIP Knockando's Swedish Roussillon (Sweedy)



26th July

Our Tasha & Neo puppies arrived on 30th June, this is our 7th litter and we are calling it our Tishno litter.

3 boys & 5 girls arrived safely and now at 3 weeks old, they are all doing very well, Tasha has adapted to motherhood with ease. She is not as eager to feed them now they have sharp little teeth but she manages to give them a nice warm drink after their minced beef or porridge.

Puppies will soon be having Gentle food alongside the raw and our sincere thanks to Beate Rothon for providing us with super puppy packs once again.

This is the only dried food that we would recommend for our puppies, this food is far superior to any that we have  used in the past, even the top brands.  The risk of bloat common in deep chested breeds is greatly reduced due to the cold pressed process of manufacture. It does not swell in the dog's stomach. It has a high quality protein with more meat content than most other foods. and we believe this does not contain animal by products or other dead animals as most other foods do.

4 week photos will be done on Thursday so don't miss our next update.


3rd May

Finally our puppy adventure is under way, Tasha has been mated to Neo. We now await the scan to confirm if we have puppies. We now wait for news of Hele.


19th February


In 2015,  after our 13th Leonberger, and against all our principles, we had to make what for us, was an extremely difficult decision to re-home one of our lovely girls.  Our home bred Dora, daughter of Kiki, suddenly began to dislike a couple of our  other girls, Julz in particular who has never been in our breeding programme. We had quite a tense year, having always had a close pack who have always lived together with ease. Having witnessed other breeders having to house different groups of  dogs who couldn't get along with each other, we always said that seperate groups were not an option for us. They have to live together here.

The tension increased to the point that Dora was unhappy and poor Julz was terrified of her. For the first time in nine years, there was no choice but to separate Dora who loved to be with her Mum and the boys and not the other girls. She was perfect to take out, she displayed no problems whatsoever, it was only with certain other girls at home. After much deliberation, we took her to stay in Cornwall with her brother Mac, to see how she would behave there in different situations. Dora was perfect, she settled very quickly and so we agreed to leave her there  for a trial period. It has been a heart breaking decision to make, but we are very happy and confident to make this a permanent arrangement, and we know that this was the best thing  we could have done for Dora. Seeing her so at ease and happy in her new home is  wonderful and we thank Emma and Roy so much for giving her a very loving home where she is adored by them all. Sadly Dora is no longer in our breeding plans; but it is far more rewarding knowing that she now has the most wonderful future ahead of her and in the most beautiful part of the country, with daily beach walks with her brother Mac, who also loves his new buddy. Dora has  been gifted to two wonderful, loving people who we know will love her forever and will also bring her home to see us every year, we wish them all the very best for the future and give our sincere thanks.




 30th January2016


     We would like to wish our visitors a very Happy New Year 2016.


Very sadly, we begin the year with news that on 15th January and following a short illness, Elsa passed away peacefully and naturally at home with her two daughters by her side. The very night before, Neva had slept nose to nose with her Mum as if she sensed that she was leaving us.  Elsa was just amazing, everyone loved her and she did so much work helping others in the comunity through her Pet's As Therapy work which she had done for many years.  We have not bred from her children so this line has stopped here, but she does have Grandchildren around the country who I hope will carry on those superb lines.

We were truly blessed with Elsa in 2006, she was our very first Leonberger and we  had our first litter with her. We have always had an open door policy here and Elsa was always the first to welcome every dog in to our home, those who came with their own bed soon found Elsa scrunched up and asleep in it, she didn't care who's bed she stole or how small it was. She was so funny with such a unique character, although she was very laid back in her approach, she ruled our pack with just her eyes, one look from her was all that was needed.  She has left a huge feeling of emptiness here, just like Siska and Ozzy did when they left for the rainbow bridge. We will always miss her and treasure the wonderful memories that she gave us. Elsa had the most superb and loving temperament, we could not have wished for better, she was a true credit to the breed in every way and we are so very proud of her and honored to have had her in our lives.

Vectiseleon Mandisa At Pagency

24.08.2006 - 15.01.2016





















27th November

Once again we have had to cancel our plans to have a litter this year. Very sadly, Elsa has been diagnosed with chronic renal failure and there is nothing that can be done for her. We now need to keep her comfortable at home and dedicate our time and energy for as long as it takes. Elsa has always enjoyed good health until recently, and when she turned nine years in August, we really thought she would make it to ten years. We apologise to everyone  waiting for a puppy and we hope to continue with our plans next summer.



25th October

Neo managed a 3rd at Midland Counties Champ Show under Breed Specialist Julia Strudwick.



Our lovely Dora is still enjoying her holiday in Cornwall with her brother Mac. Thank you to Emma & Roy for helping us out and we are loving the many beach photos of them both having a wonderful time.



14th October 2015

We are very sad to announce that we have lost our lovely Siska during the summer, she passed away at home in our arms very suddenly . We feel her loss every day; never again will we be blessed with a dog so beautiful and perfect in every way.  We treasure our wonderful memories of her and are so thankful to have had such an amazing girl as the foundation of our future breeding. We could not have wished for a better dog  and we see her many great qualities passed on to  her children and grandchildren; she will live on in them.


There is now a blog written  which is long overdue, it will be updated regularly as more information is added. It will cover thirty years from 1984-2015.


8th September
We have finally got back our old domain pagencyleos.com which has now been attached to this site.
New photos are being added on our litters page to each individual Sire, just click on the picture. This is work in progress and may take a few more weeks to complete.  We would love an update of photos of puppies from our previous litters to add to our gallery!  We have been fortunate to get regular updates for most of them for which we are very grateful.  Please send them by email to pagencyleos@hotmail.com
18th July
Happy 2nd Birthday to all our puppies from Siska & Zaraki
we send good wishes to all of them today and hope that they will be spoiled by their human servants.
New photo of Amadeous & Bentley  who we recently visited in Wales.
12th July
Happy Birthday to all our puppies from Kiki & Faro who are five year's old today.
We are very sorry to have to dissappoint our prospective puppy owners  due to the lack of puppies, some of whom have been waiting for quite a while. We have  another litter planned for later in the year for those who wish to stay on our list.
8th June 2015
After a very hectic week of sharing news, views and emails, we can finally get back to more important news and on our new website. We will only share news of our home bred dogs while our oldies retire at home behind the scenes.
It is hoped that a point has been made and any future untrue stories about us will be made public in the same way as before. A change in web domain has been on the cards for some time as we were very unhappy with our old site, Breederoo was much too expensive.
This weekend we were in Cornwall to see two of our puppies from previous litters, Kobi & Mac who both looked superb boys Balou and Angel came with us and a great weekend was had by all.
Hele has been confirmed in pup and  is due to have her babies around early July.

Balou & Kobi Cornwall 2015