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September 2021


In 2015, I was forced to write and publish a website explaining the history between ourselves and two previous breeders that we had been involved with for a few years from 2006-2010. This followed on from a public vendetta from them and a subsequent court case just two years later. Any grievance is solely with these two people that we chose to walk away from.

Two other; what I would call  friends, sadly jumped camp after several years of wanting to be on both sides of the fence. All others are just friends of the above, most of whom have never met or spoken to either of us. As they saying goes, only dead fish swim with the flow!

I took that website down at the end of 2020 as things on the "Eastern Front" had somewhat settled. Unfortunately, some seem to have forgotten the content during the last year, although those ardent supporters who know the details, and others who also witnessed some events will never be interested. I tried to contact one  person about the cruelty of her own dog by her friend, but she put the phone down on me and wouldn't speak. Alan tried to call her husband and he could hear her screaming in the background to put the phone down. This one acts as a chief spokesperson on every thread and is very venomous although has no personal reason of her own to be so. I am very tempted to print those emails so that the new people jumping on the bandwagon can actually see what I wrote and how I tried to communicate with her.

I don't understand the hatred of this one as it was she who attempted but failed to sabotage our very first litter in 2009.This I was informed by the Sire owner at dinner in Paris, January 2010, witnessed by one of the above breeders who was with me at that time. It was a dirty trick to do on anyone in my opinion, and I wasn't prepared to keep it quiet.

Then again in 2011, along with the two above breeders, followed our breeding plans. So we didn't really get a good start with this group as a whole, but it certainly wasn't our doing. 

 An acquaintance of 13 years  has now joined this group and is  a regular hate poster on their behalf after becoming friendly during 2020. Having previously complemented us and our breeding ethics over the years,  I am told that she is now being very uncomplimentary about us in conversations to new people who are searching for Leonberger puppies. One person that I have spoken with about this by telephone was unprepared to divulge what was actually said as she was afraid of bullying towards her.  I may need to publish some of our correspondence over the years as this person was certainly not a fan of several breeders, and derogatory towards  the club committee whilst communicating with me. But I digress!

 There were many experiences that I witnessed during my time with the above breeders that were not written about on my personal website. In our early days, when we purchased our first four dogs from them, neither were popular breeders, one from one of the worst council estates in the City until she had inheritance to purchase a nice property in a decent area. Only then did she make herself better known in the breed. The other unfairly called a puppy farmer and whom both of us had to defend. When you spend time with people in their home, you learn a lot  about them to be able to give an informed impression. I got to see their way of life,  babysat pups, stayed while the breeder slept to give her a rest, looked after her dogs while she had a night out with friends.  Invited them to our home, cooked meals, even invited them and their friend to stay at our home,  so we all got to know each other quite well during our time as friends. I stayed with one in France on two occasions. Then we had two litters for her at our home as a favour, after she had a fallout with her friend and accusing her of "mental cruelty" to one of her dogs, she then took this female back to France with her. A breeder who had tried to make a living from breeding Leonbergers but had failed and returned to England.  She was then at the mercy of the friend she had accused of cruelty.  

 Other family members who spent more time than I did at one breeders home/business could give a better account than I, but so far "I" have not involved others.  As this old vendetta continues, it might be necessary to divulge more of our collective experiences in the near future.

As memories are fading as to whom is the victim of abuse, I may publish my correspondence of 2015 with the secretary of LCGB to this website as a reminder. It highlights all the vendetta incidents up to that point, the contents of which were never denied. As the above were committee members at that time, it was discussed at meetings so there was an opportunity to defend the contents of my letter. While I'm sure there are some new people within the club who were never involved in this vendetta, some still remain and it doesn't alter the facts of what happened and what the club condone.

The past 11 years have seen many malicious and untruthful posts written on social media about us, with their new acquaintances encouraged to add to the bullying behaviour. In particular, after the Westminster show in USA 2019, with people from there, involved in posts. 

Our puppy owners have been discriminated against  when posting pics of their new puppy in the fb groups. Once some people make the connection, people dare not comment for fear of retribution.  If they dare to complement us in any way, they are soon met with abusive comments. These people are so fickle that a puppy is only beautiful if it is bred by a breeder in their click, which is what these groups are.  I now advise people to steer clear of fb groups to avoid more conflict. A great shame when all they want to do is share their excitement of having a new puppy.

One of our owners posted on the LCGB fb page about how happy she was with our puppy and us, but a member commented what a shame we charge such high prices for our pups. This person paid £1000 for their puppy, while other breeders were charging £1200-£1400 at that time, so this owner was very confused about the unnecessary comment. Approved discrimination! ?

One of our owners breeding in Canada has received their own abuse from a committee member there. Someone that I met at Crufts a few years ago who I hadn't realised was connected to the GB club people, until our conversation was rudely interrupted by one of them. I will elaborate more on this and an offensive email that I received during 2020, when I have all the facts and a satisfactory report on the conclusion from the club. Based on our own experience, I can't help but make a connection.

"Nothing brings people together more than a common enemy"  especially where reward is concerned, and I do suspect that people are in some way rewarded for their involvement, or hoping for reward in some way in the future, regardless of their lack of knowledge of facts. Most comments are, from a third party,  a friend of a friend who heard this, that and the other; none can actually give a truthful and personal story as very few exist. Any actual confrontation that I have had with people have been instances where I felt  disloyalty, the loss of trust, disingenous actions and disappointment in people. I don't give people second chances once my trust in them has been compromised, I don't waste further energy.

Some of these faceless people just have an inbuilt predilection for hatred. 

Many just aren't the loving animal owners they claim to be. Instead of policing social media and dog sale sites day in day out, they should get their dogs out more, do something with them instead of leaving them to fend for themselves outside all day, often in filthy back yards (if photos are anything to go by) or in a kennel all day and night as many are. Many people have acres of land but dogs are kept in a small area, I have never understood this? 

 Not often are these people posting about where they have been with their dogs and what they have done. Some never leave the property other than go to a show. Some just stuck in the home while their owner is online all day, chatting on the phone or out at work. It would seem that SM is more important than the welfare of their dogs. 

I know everyone has a different idea of a standard, so maybe it's just me who thinks this way of keeping Leonbergers is unacceptable. Supporting this is support of poor standards overall which must be the normal way of keeping dogs for some Leo owners & breeders. The same scenario to Jenson, our puppy needlessly killed by cruel owners, but  supported by these people. Who wants to count them as friends? Wayne & Waynetta type  springs to mind, even the same potty mouths.

Charge a higher price  for a Leonberger puppy (although less than a mongrel) and be condemned, but have an innocent animal killed with the worst possible cruelty and it's exemplary. These people must have been clapping Defra this week who went to kill Geronimo the innocent Alpaca in Gloucester. They can't have it both ways. This gives me reason enough to question the mental health of these individuals.

Animal cruelty, neglect and "getting rid of dogs" is not an accusation I have ever had to face in my lifetime, name calling and everything else is like water off a duck's back. Yes, we are very different people indeed thank the Lord.

We had gone to ring craft training in our local area from 2006, until the committee changed in 2018. A very underhand takeover. The two breeders and their KC judge friend started to attend after many years of absence, when their friends took over the running of the club. They would enter classes run by their friend but we never did. We all know the result when Leonbergers were judged at Crufts a few months later by this judge.

The pleasant and friendly atmosphere immediately changed with their  membership.

Other friends of theirs soon joined and on one occasion of summer 2018, a man came over to me to cause an argument about an incident from the previous week when we had not been there. Although Alan was with me at the time, it was only me who was targeted for the abuse. He was told by the KC Judge to go away from me and sit down. Their combined intimidating presence  caused us and our handler to cease attending that training group.

My old website will be re- published here.

Some of the vitriolic diatribe sent to us in the future will also be copy & pasted. Let the world see what these outrageous bullies have to say. I don't hide my responses in defence to what is said.  I don't hide behind groups so they can't see what I am saying about them, I'm not a coward.  I stand by every word as I have done since 2010.  I have said before, the truth of experiences and opinion are not libellous. Most is now common knowledge, witnessed by others and talked about in the breed but hushed up, as are other indiscretions I have mentioned.

 Anyone is welcome to call me to discuss anything if they have a problem, link below, but don't complain when I publish their comments, past or previous. If it can't be said one to one, then don't say it. 

A recent comment regarding my health, from someone I do not know,  needs to be addressed before I post it. Please get in touch. 


I rarely use social media, I have neither time or inclination. I would rather focus on my own business, family, get out with my dogs, doing what they love, taking them for long drives and on holiday; enjoying their company.

No health improvement to report but you have to be bonkers to own so many huge dogs so hands up in the air!!! 

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